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Found: In an alcove on the second level of the room with the collapsing stairs Requires: Boomerang To access this Gold Skulltula, you have to activate the elevator in the main Dodongo’s Chamber on a previous visit, then leave the dungeon and re-enter it. Once planted, these beans begin to grow, and when you return to these areas with Adult Link, you will find a flying Magic Leaf that can be used to access out-of-reach areas. Speak with him, and after a while, he’ll begin crying. Run straight at these flowers, then begin running forward and slightly to the left until you reach a wall. Run forward down the hall until Navi flutters up towards the ceiling.

At the top, run forward a bit, past the gossip stone, to the top of the large marble arch. You need to run up the hill to the left at an exact angle. There are three graphical breaks in the hill (thank god for N64’s visible sprites, otherwise this would be nearly impossible to describe). Deku Sticks are commonly found on Deku Babas; to obtain them from the enemies, stun them and then kill them while their stem extends straight in the air. Swim down to the end of the moat until it breaks left, then climb up onto the small patch of dirt, and from there climb up to the stone platform. Go to one of the ropes on the left or right sides of the platform, and climb out far enough so that you can see the Skulltula on the back of the platform. Look to the right here to see another platform, which has a switch on it.

As you climb out of the moat, there is a tree to your right sitting at the corner of the fence. It’s in the southeast corner of the Fortress. Open it for a Blue Rupee, then bomb the pile of rubble in the southeast corner of the room. The Water Temple – Whirlpool Room Climb out of the water to the alcove with the door. Shoot the Silver Eye on the wall with an arrow to unlock the sealed door on the right from where you enter. Once the door is unsealed, go through it.

This next step can be done at any time after becoming Adult Link, and can even be the very first thing you do once you arrive. You’re done on Death Mountain now, so play the Prelude of Light to return to the Temple of Time. Temple of Time using the Prelude of Light. Run down the bridge a short ways, and Sheik will appear to teach your the Bolero of Fire, the song that warps you to the Fire Temple at any time. The place you need to run up is the third break in the hill, approximately near it’s center.