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Link’s Fingerless Gloves were made from my Harry Potter gloves you can find here. The Chain Link Tunic is the lining under Link’s main Pullover. Link to the Past Pullover Vest is the green shirt Link wears over the Chain Link Tunic. The Fairy Tunic was the last piece I made. The middle one is first, the one on the far right goes second, and the one on the left goes last. The Gerudo Archery Range is by far the hardest shooting range in the game, though if you managed to do the Big Poe Hunting sidequest then it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Link has to invade Gerudo Fortress, free the Carpenters, cross the Desert, travel back in time to start the dungeon, and then return to the future to finish it. Elfin Ears are a must in the Link and Zelda Costume! In this guide, we’re going to show you how to get heat & lava resistance armor in Zelda Breath of The Wild, how to survive heat before you get it.

Impa will then show you back outside to Hyrule Field, and point you in the direction of Kakariko Village. If you choose to not make the costumes, you will still find a collection of great patterns below to modify for personal use. Turn around and go back down the hall, and use the wire wall to climb back up to the Boulder Maze. Jump along the cliff of the maze, and look high on the east wall to see the Gold Skulltula. Jump out to the platform, and look to the left to see another golden eye in an alcove. Kill or ignore the Wallmaster, and then jump out to the stone pillar directly in front of you, then jump to the right from there. Either kill it with the Slingshot, then climb up and grab it’s token, or else kill it with the Boomerang and use the Boomerang to take it’s token.

Use this pattern and make it into a Baha Hoodie, Vest, or Poncho! Change them up to match your winter gear and make your own! Change the colors. Make it your own! Follow this link to make your hat. First, you’re going to need Epona’s Song, so if you didn’t learn that as Young Link then you’ll have to visit Lon Lon Ranch in the past and learn it. Don’t need a costume? By changing the colors and adding a few more rows, they worked perfectly for this costume! Unfortunately, I made this slightly larger than I needed, but it worked perfectly to fit over my Zelda “dress” that I found at a thrift store. Khaki pants at a thrift store. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Entrance Run forward a few feet, and a pair of Octoroks will appear on the left and right.

Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Crawling Hallway Go down the hall, take a left, go straight, then left again. Defeat another Lizalfos who drops down from the ceiling, then run to the back of the mirror in this room. Stun the Bubble with the Boomerang, and defeat it with a Slingshot attack. Hers and Link’s destinies are intertwined together, for whenever Ganon reappears to cover the world in darkness a Link and Zelda will rise up to defeat him. 25. Return to Link’s Adulthood. Capture the Blue Fire in a bottle, and return to the King Zora. As soon as you enter the room, go to the left and grab hold of the north side of the handle. Get the first Silver Rupee from the middle of the room, directly behind the set of invisible spikes closest to the door. A release date has not been set in stone yet.