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The faster you attack him, the less opportunity he gets to attack you back. Now, you’ve got to go back to Hyrule Market to the Happy Mask Shop, so you can pay the 10 rupee fee for the mask. He’ll pay you 15 rupees for the mask. The gate will retract, letting you walk along the edge of the gate to claim four invisible red rupees. Shoot it with the slingshot before climbing up the ladder to claim it. To shoot the switch, you must ride on the rotating platforms, and shoot an arrow through the flame, and onto the eyeball switch. Pick the royal pain up, then go to the left from the blue switch. Another chest in between the pillars opposite contains a Blue Rupee. This is known as the “Sun’s Song Rupee Trick,” and I will reference it a few times throughout the guide.

I tried leaving it outside for a few days to get a curved surface, but it didn’t work. The Sun’s Song won’t work (it makes the time either noon or midnight, and the Gravedigging Tour is open during neither time). It’s now time to play Dampe’s Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour to find another Piece of Heart. Kakariko Graveyard (nighttime) It’s now nighttime, so you can interact with the gravestones around the Graveyard without Dampe’s Fanboy yelling at you for it. Return to the Graveyard.

Open the chest, take the Piece of Heart, and return to Kakariko Graveyard. Dampe’s Gravedigging Game only runs for the first part of the night, so if Dampe isn’t there then you’ll have to go hang around Hyrule Field until it becomes nighttime again, then return to the Graveyard. Deliver captured Big Poes to the Poe Shop in Hyrule Castle (the building on the left as you first enter Hyrule Castle). Enter the building. —————————————— Hyrule Castle – Happy Mask Shop (daytime) New Item: Keaton Mask Speak with the Happy Mask Salesman at the counter, who will explain the process of the Happy Mask trading game. You will now be able to select masks from the shop windows as though you were buying them from a regular shop.

Now that you have the Sun’s Song, you also have access to a quick and easy 80 rupees. Once you have the items, return to Kakariko Village. Once you have the Piece of Heart, return to Kakariko Village. The third Skulltula can be found by rolling into the tree near the center of Kakariko Village. The last of the Skulltulas can be found in the northern edge of the village, on the north side of the building closest to the Death Mountain Gate. The second Skulltula can be found on the building directly to the west of the Unfinished Building (the House of Skulltula). The Forest Temple – West Passage Defeat the Big Skulltula with the Hookshot, and go through the door at the other end of the hall. The Monblin will attack you by sending shockwaves down the long passage.