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Ace of Hearts - OOT gem illustration heart zelda ace dribbbleweeklywarmup Tabby McTat The Musical Cat is the story of a cat and his master. The story is happy in that Tabby McTat is reunited with Fred. Tabby McTat The Musical Cat uses a lot of rhyming words. Overall, I thought Tabby McTat The Musical Cat was a good picture book. For example, “this and that” rhymes with “old checked hat.” “Sat” rhymes with “cat.” “Chat” rhymes with “cat.” “Chase” rhymes with “lace.” “Head” rhymes with “bed.” “Black” almost rhymes with “back.” “Old Fred” rhymes with “hospital bed.” “Pat” rhymes with “mat,” “flat,” and “bat.” “Grew” and “mew” rhyme, as does “tabby-gray fur” and very loud purr.” Susan and Soames” and “very good homes” rhyme.

The third sentence of the first page reads: “The two of them sang of this and that.” Fred eats bacon and bread; bacon and bread both begin with “B.” When Tabby McTat meets Sock, Sock is described as “A gorgeously glossy and green-eyed cat.” When Sock and McTat talk, it’s described as a “cat-to-cat chat.” When the thief steals the hat, there is a ton of words beginning with “H”: “had,” “his,” “hat,” and “he.” When Fred pursues the thief, the author uses the words “chase” and” crash” and “broke” and “banged.” Sock’s owners are named Prunella and Pat. Tabby McTat The Musical Cat also uses a lot of repetition. This book also uses alliteration. Pop culture TV and movie characters: Some major TV series/movie series came to an end this year which has encouraged a burst of Avengers/Game of Thrones costumes. Star Wars characters continue to be popular especially with the new movie coming out in December.

Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers costumes have been gaining fans for a couple of years now, but Fortnite seems to have taken dressing as video game characters to a whole new level. Superhero costumes continue to make a strong showing as do supervillains like the Joker and Harlequin. Astronauts: The 50th anniversary of America’s moon walk has inspired new interest in realistic NASA astronaut costumes for both adults and kids.

As a cat owner, I like cats. If he does manage to grab hold of you, tap buttons and rotate the joystick like mad to free yourself. Grab the Cucco on the other side of the log bridge, and then run to the edge of the canyon. Jump back before the fan starts blowing again, or alternatively just equip the Iron Boots and wait for the fan’s next blowing cycle to cease, then jump back. Wait for the guillotine to rise, then jump out to the next ledge just as the guillotine begins to raise. From there, go right to the next platform, and then to the ledge with the Boss Door. At the bottom is a door inscribed with the Water Medallion. Enter the locked door here. Scary clowns/creepy circus characters: The popular re-boot of Stephen King’s It is partly to blame here. Video game characters: This is a category that has been building in popularity for awhile.