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Zelda Twilight Princess Dark Link Master Sword and sheath cosplay replica prop She will then mention the Ocarina of Time and the Temple of Time, then ask if you understand. The Shadow Temple – Gibdos Room New Dungeon Item: Compass Kill the pair of Gibdos in this room (if you missed them in the Bottom of the Well, Gibdos are more aggressive versions of Redeads). The Temple of Time Back on Adult Link, play the Nocturne of Shadow to return to the outside of the Shadow Temple.

Run to the northeast corner of the pond, and switch back to the Kokiri Boots. The Bottom of the Well – Reservoir Turn left at the trench from the Coffin Room, and follow the trench around the corner. Gerudo’s Fortress There is a door to the left as you come out of the door leading to Sabooro’s Cell. Before you run up and talk to Zelda, there are two easter eggs in the courtyard you may want to check out. The Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords is the game where there are four versions of Link all wearing the same outfit but in different colors. In The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Link travels between Hyrule and the dark decaying world of Lorule. Hyrule Castle – Courtyard (daytime) New Item: Zelda’s Letter New Song: Zelda’s Lullaby Jump to the left, out of the small fountain.

Run to the left until the camera changes to a small garden, with a patrolling guard in it. You’ll have to return there, speak to her again, then return to the Garden and wait for another Day/Night cycle to pass, then return to the Market, then return to the Garden, where Malon should have appeared. If she isn’t standing there, then you didn’t speak with her back in the Market. There’s never really any reason for Young Link to ever go there aside from the optional upgrades you can get there, so now is a good time as any as while we’re in the neighborhood. Even if you’re very good at this, it’ll be a close shave. She’ll reward you with a Piece of Heart for finding Little Richard (good golly, miss molly!). Deep-in-depth console games. A writer for Valnet for a little over a year, she enjoys writing about her favorite games.

Now, you and your friends won’t need to fight over who should be cosplaying Link. A special thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far! Now it’s time to catch up with those lazy people who don’t bother to do the Happy Mask Trading Sequence. Try to stay out of the Knight’s range until after this time. As long as you stay directly behind him, he won’t spot you.