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It was easy with Young Link, but now with Adult Link’s superior offensive ability, the Deadhand will be a snap. Even in the hands of the diminutive Young Link, the Kokiri Sword feels more like a long knife then an actual sword. The Shadow Temple – Gibdos Room New Dungeon Item: Compass Kill the pair of Gibdos in this room (if you missed them in the Bottom of the Well, Gibdos are more aggressive versions of Redeads). The Shadow Temple – Deadhand Room New Equipment: Hover Boots -M-I-N-I–B-O-S-S- Deadhand Another fight against another Deadhand. The Shadow Temple – Redead Room New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map Kill the Redead in the room, and then look high above to find two Keese. Return to the Temple of Time. As is, Ocarina of Time kicks off its finale in a rather uninspired way.

Ocarina of Time isn’t just one of the most iconic games in the franchise, it also introduced the gaming mechanic “Z-targeting” where players can quickly lock onto enemies and other things with the press of a button. In essence, it cancels the time limit you have to remain underwater while wearing the Iron Boots. Wearing a piece or two will give Link heat resistance but locking down the whole set also gives him Shock Resistance. You begin the game wearing this tunic, and it’s the only tunic in the game which cannot be lost. As such, her appearance in the game is much less regal. But that doesn’t mean sporting his appearance here will make you look less like the video game character Link. Go through it. ——————————————— Inside Ganon’s Castle – Shadow Seal Room Two Destroy the seal with a Light Arrow, and Impa will appear to return you to the Keep.

Go through it and down the twisting hall, and you’ll come out in a large room with a number of crushing ceilings falling down from above. This room has a large statue of a Raven, surrounded by several posts with skulls on top of them. The Shadow Temple – The Raven Room Run forward as you enter the Shadow Temple, and look to the right around the corner. It’s at least a nice change of pace from the Water Temple.

The Shadow Temple – Catacombs The wall in front of you has a skull with blue, glowing eyes. The Shadow Temple – Guillotine Chamber Run down the ramp in front of you, moving slowly to watch out for Big Skulltulas hanging from the ceiling. All of the lit torches will open the door to the Shadow Temple. Kill them as well, and a Dungeon Map will appear. Kill the Gold Skulltula in the room, and watch out for flying pots and fire keese.