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She will send you back to the Keep. In each hallway, there is a seal which must be destroyed, which will lower the shield surrounding the entrance to Ganon’s Tower in the center of the Keep. Jump back out to the lower Block of Time, and from there jump to the left to get another Silver Rupee. There is another silver rupee behind three blue stalagmites in the corner (to the left as you first enter the room).

At the top and to the left of the tiled wall there is a staircase. If you look to the left and right from the cliff where you emerge from the Dungeon Map room, you’ll see two bits of wall that have an odd reddish-tinge to them near their base. If you want to make a really fancy Link tunic, you can make the basic tunic two separate pieces – the shirt part for the top, and a gathered “skirt” for the base. You can also tell which beams your Mirror Shield has absorbed by looking at it – it flashes red for fire, and white for ice. The beauty of Link’s appearance here is that it gives you the flexibility to carry both a sword and shield and a bow and arrow as these are the main weapons of the character. I took two pieces of nylon strap material and hot-glued it to the back of the shield – one piece to go around my arm, and the other to be held in my hand.

Empty two of your Bottles (you’d better have at least two by this point in the game), and fill them with Blue Fire. Not only will the dungeon likely eat up most of the player’s time- making it all the tenser- it has two distinct phases, making it all the harder. Up the ladder. At the top, face south again where you will see a cliff with a pit in it. The door at the top of the cliff will now unlock. To reach it, climb up the cliff in the rear of the room and jump out to the rupee. Kill the Gold Skulltula on the ceiling above while you grab this rupee. Shoot for the Gold Skulltula even if you can’t get the targeting reticule to appear; the Hookshot travels slightly farther then it’s targeting system shows. You may need to stand on the fence to reach it with the Hookshot.

Jump carefully along the ice platforms, and when you reach the second one, you can choose to go north or north-east. Enter the cave mouth to reach the Ice Cavern. Refill your empty bottle with Blue Flame, then use both of your bottles of Blue Flame to melt the Red Ice covering the chest on the right side of the room, and the Piece of Heart on the left side of the room. If you time it properly, then you can roll under or even backflip over the GFSTIPD, but it takes practice and skill. Head for as far northwest as you can go on Epona, so that way you are literally hugging the corner where the wall and the river meet. Once all of the Ice Keese in the room are dead, climb up onto the ledge near the front of the room. Kill it and take it’s token with the Hookshot, then return to King Zora’s throne room.