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Pin by NerdyNurseryArt on Awesome cosplay (With images) - Best cosplay, Princess zelda ... Now, run to the large tree in the back of the clearing, and look for a cluster of butterflies in the tall grass. This is absolutely useless for now, but after we finish the next dungeon we’ll be coming back to finish the puzzle. The only dungeon in Ocarina of Time to make use of both child and adult Link, the Spirit Temple makes for an exciting finale to Ocarina‚Äôs second act, closing out the Medallion hunt masterfully. It’s time to unload that Skull Mask for the Happy Mask Trading Game, and get the second Deku Stick upgrade as well. Goron City Back on the second level of Goron City, go to the far left of the ledge and go up the stairs between the pair of red-striped posts. Run down the passage at the top to reach the stone block on the third level, and push it forward until it falls into another small pit in the floor, letting you reach the top level of this room.

He’ll mention that Ganondorf has already been by to find the Stone. Darunia promises to give you the Spiritual Stone of Fire, but only if you can defeat the monsters in the cave. Run over to the right side of the room (facing from the entrance), and the Deku Scrub Chief will increase the number of Deku Sticks you can carry by 10. Once you have the upgrade, enter the beam of light to return to the Lost Woods. Welcome back to the Lost Woods! Kakariko Graveyard After you warp back here from the Chamber of the Sages, then head for Hyrule Field and go to Gerudo Valley, in the west side of the Field. You’ll find yourself back by the Lone Skullkid. Run to the right, where you will find two unlit torched and a Goron sitting in front of a tunnel.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find yourself on Goron City’s top floor. Drop a Bottled Bug into the patch (remember to recapture one of the three bugs that pops out), and kill the Gold Skulltula who emerges from the earth. Kill the Gold Skulltula who emerges from the patch, and take its token. Take it’s token. If you still haven’t purchased the first Deku Stick Upgrade, then do so now. It may take a few tries to get it right. Hang on the edge of the ledge until it’s safe to climb up, otherwise you’ll get knocked down into the lava and have to start the Silver Rupee puzzle all over. However, the clips had left indentations in the outside edge, and some of the silver paint came off when I removed the cardboard pieces.

The game takes place outside the Zelda timeline and Princess Zelda becomes Queen Zelda as she commands the Hylian army to protect the castle from a dark army of monsters. Hyrule Field New Item: Ocarina of Time New Song: Song of Time If you’ve been skipping the Happy Mask Trading Sequence, then start heading for Hyrule Castle now and skip the next two paragraphs. Unfortunately, he’ll buy it from you for less then it’s worth, so you’re going to have to pay the difference next time you’re in town. If you don’t have the Giant’s Wallet yet, then you’re going to miss out on the majority of these. The only disadvantage to this one is the Poe will be going uphill, making this an extremely difficult shot. Pick up one of the Bomb Flowers, and drop it near the boulders to clear a path. He’ll give you the Goron’s Bracelet to help, which can be used to pick up and use Bomb Flowers that grow around Death Mountain.