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How you should not jump to conclusions. Jump across the now flame-free platform to the other side, and through the tunnel. If it still isn’t nighttime, then make it so now. If you didn’t plant the Magic Bean, then you’ll have to take the long way. Elastic bands make for a great way to secure the shield to your arm while holding it, but a few pieces of cloth strips can be used instead. Dive all the way down to the bottom of the pool, then speak with the scientist. If you were using the Megaton Hammer as your weapon, then switch back to the Master Sword now. In this passage, wait for a boulder to pass by in the hall in front of you, then quickly run left around the corner. The Bottom of the Well – Reservoir Turn left at the trench from the Coffin Room, and follow the trench around the corner.

green-leafed plant Use the Megaton Hammer to smash the pieces of the totem pole away (make sure to stand on the left or right side of the totem) to reveal a door. If you stand on the right side of the dirt path where it dead-ends at the pool, you can use your Hookshot to latch onto the chest. I didn’t actually go in to the event myself but I saw Jokers, Star Wars characters, variously masked men and women, Supermen and scantily clad young ladies on the underground stations as I beat a hasty retreat to the other side of London which, frankly, sufficed.

Gatwick airports so that she could attend the Comic-Con event at London’s ExCel Centre with her sister. At the top, you will find Saria sitting in a small, overgrown courtyard. Hyrule Field Take a few steps forward, and simultaneously the best and most annoying character in the game will stop you: Kaepora Gaebora. Part VI: The Broken Goron’s Sword There is only one craftsman in all of Hyrule who can repair this once mighty weapon: The Biggoron of Death Mountain.

Once you reach the entrance to Zora’s Domain, look to the right of the waterfall, where there is a deep pool of water. In order to reach the chest, you’re going to have to destroy the Armos Knight in front of the chest. Hylian Shield First Found: Kakariko Graveyard Used By: Young Link, Adult Link The Hylian Shield is made of metal (probably steel), and does not have the weakness to fire that the Deku Shield has. Found: Tree in southwest of paddock Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime or Nighttime Requires: Nothing Roll into the tree southwest of the paddock in Lon Lon Ranch. Link is instantly recognizable to most con-goers (and even many people in the real world), but that doesn’t mean you have to do his costume as simply as possible! Breath of the Wild’s Link in stunning detail, complete with the character’s signature hairstyle, pointed ears, and Champion’s Tunic.