princess zelda twilight princess cosplay

The Forest Temple – West Courtyard Return to the Torch Room through the door under the stone arch. The Forest Temple – North Passage This room contains a Blue Bubble. Alternatively, you can also stun it with the Hookshot, but the Blue Bubble’s speed and the Hookshot’s slowness can make this strategy problematic. Play the Song of Storms to make a pit appear. Stand near the block and play the Song of Time with the Ocarina of Time to remove the block, revealing a door.

This set contains three costumes for Link-one from Twilight Princess, one from Skyward Sword and one from Ocarina of Time. The Stalfos are slightly chivalrous, and will not attack you if you have one of them Z-Targeted. The giant curtain of flames on the north side of the room will now disappear. Go to the right side of the courtyard, where you will find an ivy wall. Enter the alcove at the top of the ivy wall.

Get on top of it, and climb into the small alcove. Climb up the next ladder on the right, then go left around the corner and left again through the doorway. Climb the Ivy Wall, sticking as far to the right as possible to avoid the Skullwalltula. Use the Hookshot to kill the first two Skullwalltulas on the Ivy Wall, but the third is just slightly out of your reach. Go up the stairs and use one of your Small Keys to open the door. Kill it and take it’s token with the Hookshot, then go through the door at the top of the stairs. Kill the pair of Skulltulas on the wall, and then look for the rock higher on the wall. Look at the waterfall in front of you, and you will see that the elevators which steadily descend from above all have Hookshot targets on the front of them.

Look to the left to see another balcony with a small white circle above it. Shoot this circle with the Hookshot to pull yourself over to that balcony. Jump off the balcony to the ground far below. After you have the token, jump back off the cliff and head to the right side of the Courtyard. Jump into the well. Step on the switch on this balcony, and the well in the corner of the Courtyard will drain.