princess zelda wind waker costume

Once you do get near enough, aim for it. It can take a few tries before you can coax Epona over; this is as much about luck as it is about aim. Windwaker Link can even take his enemies’ swords! This is where it gets tricky; you can’t take Epona just yet. Epona will appear. Run towards you. Run halfway down the hall to find a sealed wall. Once you find him, you’ll have to chase him until he stops (the Sun’s Song is no help). Ignore the horse that Ingo offers you, and play Epona’s Song.

Run to the pasture in the rear of the ranch, and speak with Ingo. Run over to Zelda and retake the Master Sword when this happens. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Exterior Keep following Zelda down the tower. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Floor Three Staircase Climb up the stairs, and at the landing on top, go through the door on the left. Go through the door behind the chest. I fastened the clips right behind my ears. You can tell which beam Twinrova is about to use by looking at which wand she waves – the right is Ice, the left is Fire.

The full set allows Link to run faster at night, which is pretty helpful in the right situations. To cosplay his appearance in this game, you will need to wear the full costume or the blue jacket with grey hoodie, khaki pants, and shin-length brow boots. Sure, this set shouldn’t be knocked too much considering it’s the first new costume players come across, but we can’t ignore the fact that it provides marginally better stats and no set bonuses.

If you shoot one of them with an arrow, then it will come to life and come towards you without disturbing the other. Once both of the Dinolfos are defeated, then the doors will unseal. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Spirit Seal Room Three Destroy the Orb here with a Light Arrow, and Nabooru will appear and send you back to the Keep. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Floor Two When you enter the room, both of the doors in the room will seal themselves. As to the Spiritual Stones, I have two different versions, a replica, 4” wide set, and a miniature, stylized set. Once you have the quiver, return to Kakariko Village. Defeat Morpha. 22. Go to Kakariko Village. 1: The Keaton Mask Sold To: Guard near the gate to Death Mountain Trail in Kakariko Village.