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When you obtain a new costume, Madame Conture will ask you to try it on, and you will unlock the ability to select it anytime you go to the Castle for adventure in the Drablands. Look to the opposite side of the canyon, and try to spot a small platform with a wooden crate on it. Head for the left side of the graveyard. As soon as you enter the room, go to the left and grab hold of the north side of the handle. Kakariko Village (daytime) New Item: Bottle Run forward through the arch in front of the town, and immediately grab the Cucco (chicken) who is running around here. Kakariko Village Go into the Windmill and play the Organ Grinder the Song of Storms, and the well outside will drain.

The Spellman Sisters! Hilda and Zelda - Sabrina witch, Sabrina spellman, Sabrina spellman style If it is nighttime, play the Sun’s Song to open the gates. Kakariko Graveyard – Shield Grave (nighttime) New Equipment: Hylian Shield Run forward and open the chest to find the Hylian Shield. Open the chest to get a Small Key. Recovery Heart. Exciting. The real prize is the Gold Skulltula, which is found clinging to the wall around the corner from the chest. Kokiri Clothes are crafted from various materials found in the Woodlands. The Woodlands houses all the materials you need to craft the Big Bomb Outfit. There is little reason to use this costume unless you’re helping a friend gather materials in the PvP Coliseum. This outfit allows for faster swimming in water with the use of the ‘A’ button. Collecting materials in the Volcano allows you to craft the Goron Garb.

You can craft the Zora Costume by collecting materials in Riverside. You can just see the doorway behind the rocks, even when they are not destroyed. The Cursed Tights are rewarded to the player upon breaking Princess Styla’s fashion curse. Look graceful as Princess Zelda in these flowy costumes. The golden patterns at the borders of the dress and the shining shoulder and neck armor make you look quite the damsel in distress of the Nintendo video games. Play the Sun’s Song to make it nighttime. This mod really changes how the game plays and feels, so make sure you give it a go if you’re looking for a fresh experience in a familiar world. Zelda as a franchise rarely ever buckled down on the story scenarios and focused more on delivering a fun and engaging gameplay experience. Crafting is another new gameplay feature, letting you generate helpful items like Poke Balls from materials found around the world.

Swim like a champ! Swim out to it. You could even swim through swift currents! As a last bit of advice, if you don’t have Epona, don’t even bother trying. These Bombs deal double damage and have a larger blast radius, so be cautious throwing them around. Wearing this costume offers a 25% chance to avoid attack damage. Wearing this costume will enlarge any Bomb you use or pick up. Go through it. If you’re wondering, the switch activates a fire trap, which you can also use to kill the Anubis in the room. Which is cool. Stay on the Deku Shield for now, but once we get to Death Mountain we’ll want to switch the Hylian Shield, whose metal is impervious to flame attacks. It’s an incredibly simple mod but being able to race around the Great Plateau is certainly a great feeling, especially when you just want to speed up the early-game travel time.