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Three, it can absorb certain kinds of magic (this actually only works in one boss fight, but it’s worth mentioning). Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Floor Four Staircase Climb up the stairs, and at the landing on top, go through the boss door on the left. 32. Go to Ganon’s Castle. Go straight at the split, and jump out to the ledge with the Fire Slug. Jump up onto the ice block, and from there jump up to the ledge. Drop off the ledge and climb up the tiled wall on the opposite ledge.

Emerald City Comicon 2015 Cosplay - The Legend of Zelda: M… - Flickr If you miss, return to the east side of the chamber and use the Longshot target on the ceiling above the next ledge to pull yourself up. None of the Silver Rupees are particularly hard to find, but to reach the one suspended slightly above the floor you’ll need to run out to it using the Hover Boots. The Spirit Temple – Treble Anubis Room Young Link had to face one Anubis. The Spirit Temple – Treble Anubis Room Head to the southwest corner of the room and go through the locked door. The Spirit Temple – Small Chest Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 This room is seemingly empty, except for a single chest. Being careful not to fall (if you do you’ll have to run back through the whole dungeon), equip the Mirror Shield and return through the door you came through.

The Spirit Temple – Triforce/Compass Room New Dungeon Item: Compass As you come into this room, there is a Triforce symbol on the floor directly in front of you as you enter. The Spirit Temple – Triforce Door Room Go up the stairs, and stand on the Triforce symbol at the top. All five of the Silver Rupees in the room will unseal the door on the far side of the room.

Bomb the Beamos statue on the north side of the room, and the door in the southeast of the room will open. The Spirit Temple – Lower East Stairwell Run forward, and blow up the Beamos with a bomb. Return to the Entrance of the Spirit Temple through the Rolling Boulder Room. Look to the left side of the room from this platform, and use the Lens of Truth to see an invisible path. Accept the challenge. Defeat Ingo by getting in front of him, and carefully steering Epona so that you stay in front of his path. Ride Epona up the log bridge, and charge straight at the broken bridge using Epona at maximum speed to leap over it. Zelda wears a puffy-, long-sleeved white shirt under a short-sleeved, long white dress with purple accents, which in turn is worn under a sleeveless purple top and royal sash hanging over the front of the dress.