sexy zelda costume

Run across the platforms. Wearing this outfit grants you the ability to run twice as fast! This outfit increases the drop rate of rupees! Additionally, double rupees will drop whenever the wearer of this costume uncovers them. Holding and releasing ‘B’ with this outfit on will execute a Spin Attack with double the radius. Wearing this costume causes your sword to deal double damage. Plundering some materials from the Fortress eventually nets you the Sword Suit. Adventure in the Dunes for the materials to craft Dunewalker Duds. The Dunes are a great place to farm for the materials needed for the Gust Garb.

The Ninja Gi is crafted from rare materials from Riverside and the Dunes. The heavily inspired Energy Gear is crafted from rare materials in the Volcano. This outfit increases the size of your Energy Gauge by 50%, which allows you to use items more often. 10. Miscellaneous items are Velcro, foam board, duct tape, and masking tapes. Rare materials from the Fortress are used in the crafting of Rupee Regalia.

The Serpent’s Toga is crafted with rare materials from Ice Cavern and the Ruins. The Queen of Hearts is crafted with rare materials from the Woodlands, Riverside, Volcano, and Fortress. The Spin Attack Attire is crafted with rare materials from the Dunes, the Ruins, and Sky Realm. Big Spin Attacks are immune to foe’s direct attack hazards (such as Fire Keese). Keep on playing the waiting game until both of the Lizalfos are defeated. If all 3 heroes are wearing this costume, your health effectively doubles.

If an enemy bumps into you while wearing this costume, they take damage. If you stand still while wearing this outfit you turn to stone. Stone Link is invincible to all but falling damage. Helped me tailor the boys’ Link costumes. A fourth pack, called the Demon King Costume Set, provides two new costumes for Ganondorf – one inspired by his appearance in Ocarina of Time and one inspired by Twilight Princess.