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Zine Preview 1 stacks light grey art lab zine legend of zelda ocarina of time illustration kolbisneat andrew kolb Once you have obtained both the Shadow and Spirit Medallions, then the road to Ganon’s Castle will be created. Silver Gauntlets First Found: Spirit Temple, West Wing Used By: Adult Link Obtained late in the adventure, the Silver Gauntlets are found by Young Link, though only Adult Link can use them. 1 First Found: Lost Woods The first Deku Stick Upgrade can be obtained as soon as the game begins. Stand on the rope so that you can see the back of the platform, where there is a Gold Skulltula visible. You can change back to the Kokiri Tunic or Goron Tunic at this point, if the dark blue hue of the Zora Tunic isn’t your thing. The last thing you need to be worrying about is a Wall Master’s untimely appearance in this next area.

Run around the corner, and use the Lens to see through a fake wall on the right. Return to the larger island, and use the Longshot to pull yourself up to the top of the dead tree. It helps if you stand to the left so that you can see the left side of the trunk, and pull yourself up by aiming just above the large branch which sticks out near the top of the tree. Don’t try to jump up and kill it; just stand on the branch and use the Longshot. Use the Longshot on the dragon’s head to pull yourself up, and go through the door behind the statue. Found: In southern tunnel, from the bottom level of the central chamber with the tower Requires: Iron Boots Head down the southern tunnel on the bottom level of the central chamber.

The water level will now rise. The Water Temple – The Vertical Hallway Head to the top level of the room, and go to the north side of the tower. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Fire Seal Room One You can’t complete this Seal without the Gold Gauntlets, so if you don’t have them yet then head back to the Shadow Seal to get them. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Keep Head to the right as you come out of the Forest Seal hallway, and go right down the stairs.

Once you have learned the Nocturne of Shadow, head for Kakariko Graveyard. 12. Go to Kakariko Village. For right now, return to Hyrule Field and go to Kakariko Village. Kakariko Village New Song: Nocturne of Shadow A cutscene will take place as you enter the village, whose awesomeness cannot be described in mere words. After the cutscene upon finishing the Water Temple, you will find yourself back on the island in the middle of Lake Hylia at sunrise.