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Next pull yourself up to the Longshot target on the east side of the room, and you’ll fall onto a Silver Rupee on your way down. Go to the south side of the tower in the middle of the room, and you’ll find a locked door. Use the Hookshot target on the ceiling near the door to pull yourself over the spikes blocking the path. Use it to pull yourself up to the ledge. The Nocturne transports Link (Young or Adult) to the high ledge in Kakariko Graveyard. Found: Patch of Soft Earth near the Entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Bottled Bug Drop a Bottled Bug into the patch of soft earth outside Dodongo’s Cavern. Goal: Complete Dampe’s Cave Race Minigame in under 1:00 Time Period: Adult Link ONLY Requires: Longshot Dampe’s Cave Race Game can be found underneath a gravestone on the left side of Kakariko Graveyard.

Pull it backwards to reveal a pit, and drop back down to Dampe’s Amazing Cave Race Game. The game only operates from nightfall to 10:00, so you can’t use the Sun’s Song to access it. We just know it WILL happen, though it will occur well after the game is over. Nail the Diamond Switch once, then pull yourself over to the next dragon head with the Hookshot. Stand on the water pillar, and activate the diamond switch with the Hookshot or an arrow. Jump over the dragon’s head, and shoot the diamond switch once more. Look in the mouth of the dragon’s statue on the way down, and you will spot a diamond switch.

Look to the right when you land on the rising/falling platform, and you’ll see a narrow cliff. At the top of the hill, look to the right and off the cliff to see another Silver Rupee. To the right of the dragon statue, there is a small alcove with a Hookshot target in it. Kill both of the Tektites, then run to the far side of the alcove. Once the grating in the alcove is open, go through it and kill the Shell Blades. Kill the Redead, then open the chest to get the Dungeon Map. If you wake them up one at a time in this fashion, then you can do the Backflip-Jump Attack trick, which they still haven’t learned to defend against. Use a Super Spin Attack to reach it.

One of the easiest ways to kill it is to charge up a Super Spin Attack while you ride up, and unleash it as soon as you see the Tektite. Go around the corner and kill the Big Skulltula that hangs from the ceiling. Float all the way back up to where the Water Switch Number Two is, and enter the door across from the water switch. Small Key in hand, return through the only door to the previous room. The Water Temple – Whirlpool Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key This room contains a pool of water which is being swirled around into a whirlpool. Return to the main area of the room by sinking down through the pool of water with the Iron Boots, then using the Hookshot at the other end of the corridor to pull yourself back up to the main room. You can’t get it yet; you’ll need a certain upgrade to your “stretching, shrinking keepsake.” Hop off the cliff to a platform some distance below, and then hop off this platform to the platform directly below it.