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You’re going to do this by using the elevator in the Antechamber to reach the second floor. Dodongo’s Cavern – Antechamber If you like, use Farore’s Wind at the start of the dungeon so that you can warp right back to the start as soon as you have claimed the Gold Skulltula. House of Skulltula New Equipment: Giant’s Wallet Speak with the man in the rear of the room, and he’ll award you for killing 30 Gold Skulltulas with the Giant’s Wallet. The man we’re looking for is now running in a wide circle around Hyrule Field. Leave the Dungeon. Return to Hyrule Field. Leave the house back to Kakariko Village. Leave through the door on the west side of the room. Dodongo’s Cavern – Blade Trap Room Jump off the cliff to the right as you enter the room to drop down to the bottom level.

3d max purchase shenzhou spacecraft tiangong Dodge the blade trap and climb the ladder near the southwest corner of the room. Climb to the top of this room. The stone block has created a booster that lets you access doors in this room that were previously out of your reach. Use Din’s Fire to burn away all of the webbing to reveal three alcoves with a Big Skulltula, a Cow and a Gossip Stone in each. Use the Lens of Truth and look to the right wall as you enter this room, and you’ll see a stone block embedded in the wall. Look into the alcove on the north side of the room, and use the Boomerang to kill the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token.

Run to the left to a small alcove behind the waterfall, where there are two more braziers. Head for the alcove with the cow, and look on the wall in the rear of the alcove to find a Gold Skulltula. Return to the table of contents to find the Find Code. Zora’s Domain Climb up to the path that leads to the front entrance, return to Zora’s River, and ride it downstream back to Hyrule Field. Climb up the ivy walls to the top of the iron platform. Once you’re at the top of the tree, make it nighttime to make a Gold Skulltula appear on the top of the trunk. Go through the door at the top. Go to the south side of the tower in the middle of the room, and you’ll find a locked door. Use the Hookshot to find.

Use the underwater passage to return to Zora’s Domain. Kill the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token with the Boomerang, then return to Hyrule Field. Take the Master Sword to return to Adulthood. Kill the Skulltula. Take it’s token. Kakariko Village From Kakariko Graveyard, take a right up the long staircase. Head for Kakariko Village, in the northeast corner of the zone, at 1:00 on the clock face. Head for the southeast corner of the graveyard, to the far south end of the second row of gravestones. Get off on the second floor, and enter the tunnel opposite the plaque. There are still two Gold Skulltulas in this dungeon which you are yet to reach, and we’re going to get one of them right now. Rescuing the Carpenters and getting the bridge repaired may seem trivial, but you’re going to have to do it to progress anyway. Go west, and go halfway up the log bridge.