the legend of zelda link cosplay dress

There are two different methods to finding the real Amy. The two pieces added stability – I didn’t want my shield flopping around. It is hard to replicate Zelda’s hair because she is an animation, and the two pieces of her hair that are tied in ribbon in the front are not exactly a good representation of hair in real life. We used crazy glue to glue the ribbon pieces onto my hair so they would not move. Instead of sewing the ribbon onto the dress — which usually is frustrating because ribbon frays easily — I used Heat n Bond iron-on fabric adhesive.

For the yellow/golden trimming on the top and bottom of Zelda’s dress, I used a yellow ribbon. I used Butterick B4827 for Zelda’s dress. I am not very good at altering patterns, so with the help of my aunt and grandmother, we were able to perfect the dress. My aunt is a wonderful artist and she was able to trace the bird symbol onto a thin sheet of paper, and from there we traced it onto white cotton fabric. For one, it is difficult to find the bird image on the internet. Again, we used an iron-on adhesive to attatch the bird symbol to the sash. I do not know what the correct term is for the blue sash she wears on her belt, but nonetheless it is very pretty.

Zelda also wears a brown belt, where the tapestry she wears connects. I want to point out that I used a brown pleather for that belt. It looks like she wears white tights underneath her dress and with her brown boots. Therefore, I had to find a pattern that resembled her dress best and modify the pattern myself. Unfortunately, there is not a pattern out there that is completely accurate to Zelda’s dress. Unfortunately, the wig did not hold up for an entire day and pieces in the front began to fall out. The picture to the right is how the ribbons initially looked, after looking at the professional photographs it is easy to see that the wig did not stay looking so nice. Honestly, I do not even want to talk about this wig.

I will leave it at that in order to avoid spoilers (even though it is way past the window of the game’s initial release). If you want to have some fun, you can also trample on the Cuccos in the northeast corner of the pasture, and a flock of Cuccos will appear and begin to attack you. In Breath of the Wild, much of Zelda’s appearance takes place in memories that players can help Link regain. It takes practice, and persistence.