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Open them to get the Hover Boots, which let you walk on thin air for limited periods of times. Adult Link now has to find Keys to progress in the dungeons, which include Small Keys that open regular locked doors, as well as the Boss Key which opens the final locked door in the dungeon, that leads to the boss. Make sure it’s nighttime before your progress very far into the Lost Woods. Once you have the Rupees, head for the Lost Woods via the entrance behind Mido’s House (the tree house closest to the west entrance of Kokiri Forest). Change it to nighttime if you need to, then head for the east side of the forest to the Kokiri Twin’s house. Go right from the entrance to Kokiri Forest, and then left on the other side (if you want, you can jump down into the valley where the twin Skull Kids who played the Ocarina game with Young Link, who will now attempt to kill you).

Celestial eruption Run forward a short ways, and dispatch the pair of Gray Wolfos enemies who greet you. Moriblins are huge goblin-like creatures who patrol the passages in the Sacred Forest Meadow. This Fountain is extremely useful during the following dungeon if you’re still new to the game, and is also one of the most easily accessible Fairy Fountains in the game once you get the Minuet of Forest. In the center of the maze, there is a pit which contains a handy Fairy Fountain. Go through it. ———————————————- The Water Temple – Water Pillar Triplets Room Step on the switch in the corner, and three water pillars down in the pit will rise, and the door across the room will unlock. The Forest Temple – South Passage This room contains a Big Skulltula. Drop a Bottled Bug in the patch to make a Skulltula appear, and don’t bother recapturing one of the bugs – you won’t need them anymore.

The dungeon actually forms one giant loop around this central chamber, though it is difficult to tell in the dungeon’s unique architecture. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Light Seal Room Two New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 I shouldn’t have to explain this one. Stand on the pedestal in the middle of the torches and use Din’s Fire to light all of the torches (if you don’t have Din’s Fire, then return to childhood and get it from the Great Fairy in Hyrule Castle Garden. If you stand on the right side of the dirt path where it dead-ends at the pool, you can use your Hookshot to latch onto the chest. Take a right at the next crossroads to reach the Sacred Forest Meadow. Kill it and take it’s token, then return to the previous crossroads. If it’s nighttime, then you will also see a Gold Skulltula clinging to the wall on the east side.

Kill the Gold Skulltula on the back of the tree. Found: Back of arch outside Ganon’s Castle Time Period: Adult Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Hookshot Head for Ganon’s Castle in the future, and look to the back of the shattered marble arch to see a Gold Skulltula. Found: Bombable alcove on right wall Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Fairy Slingshot; Bombs Head up the trail from the Kakariko Village entrance. Run around the corner, and use the Lens to see through a fake wall on the right. After Sheik departs, use the Hookshot on the large tree branch which hangs above the shattered stairset. Kill the Monblin by performing two Jump Attacks against his backside, whereupon he will drop a large number of Rupees. Near the beginning of the dungeon, four Poe Sisters steal flames from a large altar, which causes an elevator in the middle of the altar to retract.