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The dungeon is also unique in that Keys aren’t really hidden, but are instead sort-of rewards for rescuing the Gorons trapped in the dungeon. Remember, you need a minimum of seven keys to reach the Ice Arrows. Take it. It must be at sunrise for this to work, so if you happen to be here at a different time of day, then play the Sun’s Song to make it nighttime, then hang around until the sun rises (the Sun’s Song makes it noon if you make it daytime, several Hyrulean hours past when you can get the Fire Arrows). Kakariko Graveyard (daytime) If it’s nighttime, play the Sun’s Song to change it to Day. Play the Frogs each of the four songs that you have learned so far (Zelda’s Lullaby, Epona’s Song, The Sun’s Song and Saria’s Song).

The frogs will award you with fifty rupees for each song. Grab the Cucco, and return to the Musical Frogs. Goal: Return the Lost Dog to it’s owner Time Period: Young Link ONLY Requires: Nothing Enter Hyrule Castle Market at nighttime. Hyrule Castle – Garden Allow one of the guards to spot you, and you will be thrown back out to the gate. Run back a ways to where the river bends. Grabbing the Piece of Heart will make you drop the Cucco, who will probably run away.

Now it’s time to catch up with those lazy people who don’t bother to do the Happy Mask Trading Sequence. Speak with Dampe’s Fanboy (the little kid who walks around the graves during the day) while wearing the Spooky Mask, and he’ll buy it from you for 30 rupees. Kill the Beamos near the stone blocks if you need to; it can attack you while you are pushing the stone blocks around. As I already said, the Bombchus are entirely optional. You can only Put Away when you are not Z-Targeted. Also, if you are doing this entire string in one go as soon as you acquire Epona, I STRONGLY recommend that you ignore any Heart Pieces and Gold Skulltulas along the way, and focus entirely on completing the quest chain.

A Gold Skulltula will emerge. Don’t bother dropping a bug in this one; this is the only earthy patch in the game which doesn’t have a Gold Skulltula. Pay the clerk 30 rupees to play the game. Hyrule Castle – Happy Mask Shop (daytime) New Item: Spooky Mask Pay the 20 rupees for the Skull Mask, then borrow the Spooky Mask. Hyrule Castle – Market (daytime) If you’re doing the Happy Mask Trading Sequence, then head for the Happy Mask Shop. You may have to return to the Hyrule Castle Gatehouse or do the Drawbridge Rupee Trick multiple times before you finally get all three rewards. It isn’t imperative that you get the Bombchus, but you’ll probably end up winning them trying to get the Bomb Bag and the Piece of Heart anyway. Bomb the boulder to reveal a small tunnel. Once you have at least the Piece of Heart and the Bomb Bag, you can leave.