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Found: On inside of stone arch near the Carpenter’s Tent Time Period: Adult Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Hookshot Head for the stone arch across from the Carpenter’s Tent, to the left from the wooden bridge. Found: On a window on the backside of the House of Skulltula Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Nothing The Gold Skulltula hangs on a window on the backside of the House of Skulltula.

Kill the Gold Skulltula through the door on the other side. The Gold Skulltula is on the wall behind the trio of flaming skulls. The Hookshot is also a powerful ranged tool, and is able to penetrate certain hard armors (such as the armor of the Big Skulltula). It can also retrieve distant Skulltula Tokens in the same fashion as the Boomerang. With them, Young Link can light the Sticks on a lit torch, and transfer that flame to adjacent torches around the room. Deku Stick First Found: Kokiri Forest Used By: Young Link Deku Sticks are tools commonly used by Young Link. The first bottle in the game is obtained with Young Link, and is won from Talon in Lon Lon Ranch after you have awoken him in the Hyrule Castle Garden. The third bottle in the game is, again, obtained by Young Link, and is also the only Bottle that you HAVE to get.

The second bottle in the game is also obtained by Young Link. Kill it and take it back to the Poe Shop, and you’ll have earned your Bottle. If you do it correctly, then you will pass right over the point that makes the Poe appear, and the Poe will move in the perfect direction for you to easily kill it. Three of the Cuccos can only be reached by gliding off of cliffs and over fences using other Cuccos. Bombs can be used to blow open weakened walls, and are required to defeat certain armored enemies and solve a number of other minor puzzles.

Bombchus First Found: Hyrule Castle Market Used By: Young Link, Adult Link An item which is used only three times in the whole game (once in a minigame, once in the Spirit Temple, and once in Ganon’s Castle), Bombchus are mobile bombs which follow a straight line and then explode when they contact something. Din’s Fire can be obtained from the dead end in Hyrule Castle Garden immediately after obtaining the Bombs from Dodongo’s Cavern.