toddler zelda costume

Grab the Cucco and return to the lowest level of town, but don’t throw it into the stable yet. The button will unseal a door on an upper level. Run towards the entrance to the courtyard, and you will find the way blocked by Impa, Zelda’s attendant (basically, nurse/bodyguard). This way you can avoid Talon’s absurd prices. Run up to the block and grab hold of it, and now that you have the Silver Gauntlets, you can push it forward. The Fire Temple – Pillar Room With the pillar from the Fire Trap room knocked down to this point, you can now jump across to the Boss Key door that you couldn’t reach the last time you were here (not that it mattered, since you didn’t have the key anyway). Kill here in the dead of night. Links appearance here is considered as the known appearance of the character in the timeline.

Confirm that you have it. Now that you have Epona and the Hookshot, you can do the first few parts of the quest string for the Biggoron Sword. New Equipment: Bullet Bag x50 In order to find Saria, we’ll have to follow the sound of her music through the Lost Woods. You’ll know you’ve done it right, as it will give you 100 points and make a small sound of victory when it works. Jump down, and try to blow up the Goron using Bombs to make him stop. Kill the Gold Skulltula that falls down, and take it’s token. Kill it and take it’s token with the Hookshot, then turn around. Take it’s token. Run into the large cavern, and two Lizalfos will appear.

This room has a large statue of a Raven, surrounded by several posts with skulls on top of them. At the top of the ladder, grab another Cucco and use it to hover over to the top of the pillar, which holds a Heart Piece. Go to the south end of the room, and use the Bomb Flower against the oddly-colored wall to break open the sealed wall. At the other end of the bridge, Zelda will open the door. After you’ve done this, speak with Zelda.

Zelda will then beg Link to help her save Hyrule from Ganondorf. Zelda could also use her Skyward Sword design as an alternate costume, in particular where she wears the Goddess Robes and becomes Hylia. 20. Go to Lake Hylia. Lake Hylia will now fill back up with water. Now, circle around to the back of the pasture, so that you are on the outer wall of the small awning. Now, grab the ice block from it’s north side and push it south. Head back to Kokiri Forest now, which is at the three o’clock position on your map. Impa will then show you back outside to Hyrule Field, and point you in the direction of Kakariko Village. Hyrule Field Point yourself south, and head for the large structure whose opening is just visible. Note the large number of Bomb Flowers clustered around the iron pillar.