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Amazon.com: CosplayDiy Women's Suit for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Ravio Cosplay Costume : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry Part II: Cojiro Now that you have Cojiro, head for the Kokiri Forest and into the Lost Woods using the entrance behind Mido’s House. As Young Link, travel to the patches of soft earth (Kokiri Forest, Lake Hylia, Gerudo Valley, Death Mountain Trail, Death Mountain Crater, Kakariko Graveyard, Desert Colossus, and two in the Lost Woods) and drop a Bottled Bug into the patch. Goal: Reach the chest on top of Gerudo Fortress Time Period: Adult Link ONLY Requires: Longshot Head to the top floor of Gerudo Fortress. Found: In a room behind a sealed wall, in the northern-most most room on the other side of the giant Dodongo’s Head Requires: Bombs Head for the room with the multiple levels on the other side of the Dodongo’s Heads. Alternatively, you can plant the Magic Beans near the entrance to Dodongo’s Cavern as Young Link, then return as Adult Link and ride the Magic Leaf up to the Heart Piece.

Kill it and take it’s token with the Hookshot, then return to King Zora’s throne room. The Temple of Time Return to Hyrule Field and make your way to Zora’s River, on the east side of Hyrule Field. There are a pair of Gold Skulltulas here in Zora’s River, so if you planted the Magic Beans as a child then ignore the Magic Leaf for the moment. Climb to King Zora’s throne room near the top of the cavern, to find him encased in red ice (unless you’ve already done the Biggoron Sword sequence, in which case he’ll already be free). Go through that door, to find another room with Like-Likes and more flying tiles.

Still with the Lens of Truth on, look north and jump along more invisible platforms until you reach a door. Watching out for the Blade Trap that circles the room, head north into the next hallway. Head to the left towards the top of the waterfall, and edge to the very edge of the waterfall. The Temple of Time We’ll head back to childhood in a moment. Jump back out to the lower Block of Time, and from there jump to the left to get another Silver Rupee. Smash the first red rock on the left with the Megaton Hammer, and you’ll find a Gold Skulltula (if it isn’t there, then make sure it’s nighttime). Look to the left to see a Gold Skulltula. You’ll see a Gold Skulltula high on the wall. Near the end of the wooden drawbridge just before the waterfall, if you look on the northwestern wall you will find another Gold Skulltula.

You’re now in range of that Gold Skulltula that we passed earlier. Shoot for the Gold Skulltula even if you can’t get the targeting reticule to appear; the Hookshot travels slightly farther then it’s targeting system shows. If you time it properly, then you can roll under or even backflip over the GFSTIPD, but it takes practice and skill. The Freezzards can freeze you solid using an ice breath attack, and can move slowly around on the frozen floors, but are otherwise relatively harmless. Enter the cave mouth to reach the Ice Cavern. When you reach the clearing, however, the Carpenter’s Son is gone, and is replaced by a Kokiri Girl.