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Before A Link to the Past, Zelda’s look fit pretty plainly into the stereotype of a princess, with her simply wearing a plain pink dress and essentially looking like a Peach knock off. As Zelda has grown as a character over the years, somewhat breaking out of her role as a damsel in distress (at least sometimes), her design has evolved from the plain artwork of The Legend of Zelda into more of an active role. This specific form of the character has also appeared in Super Smash Bros., Super Smash Bros. There are items specific to certain games, like the Wind Waker (baton).

Meta Knight (SSBU) - SmashWiki, the Super Smash Bros. wiki Skyward Sword Zelda, unlike previous games, is not a princess. His trademark appearance here is him wearing his ancestor’s tunic and wielding his legendary sword. Wearing a piece or two will actually lure Stal-type enemies, which can be great if you need to farm some Elixr materials. You will also be wearing shin-length dark brown boots. I had made them out of the same fabric used for the boots – a thick, fabric-backed vinyl.

Then I folded these over (so the wrong side was up) to make the flaps over the top of the boots. The simplest way to make this is to do a one piece tunic. The collar was a little more difficult to make than the basic tunic. As I know, many parents will chose this costume pattern for their kids, so make sure you get the same belt buckle as the game and also try to get the light weight Link sword and shield (you can make them using cardboard or foam) which will not hurt your kids or other ones in Cons. For the Goron Tunic, the belt loops insure that the belt doesn’t slip away from the seam line. Finally, I went back and added a set of belt loops to both tunics. The glow is provided by a blue LED that is wired to a battery located in the scabbard belt.

I had originally tried to curve the foamcore (as with the shield, above), but it curved the wrong direction. This piece kept most of its original curve. The original gloves for this costume were made several hours before Comic-con, so they didn’t turn out very well. This costume set also comes with a complete Link Breath of the Wild costume for a child. Function in the open world of Breath of the Wild. Theoretically, this should pertain to Ganondorf, although he hasn’t been revealed as a playable character in the game yet. Just because you’re doing a common character doesn’t mean your costume has to be boring! Had “fringe” at the bottom – I’m supposing this was designed for a Native American costume.