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The best way to get this Poe is to ride west from the stone bridge near Kakariko Village straight at the signpost south of Hyrule Castle. Open it to get a Small Key. The Gerudo Training Ground – The Sea of Fire New Dungeon Item: Small Key x1 Required Items: Hookshot, Song of Time Hint: Cross the Sea of Fire! If you have the Silver Gauntlets, then you can push it forward to find a door to a small room. The Gerudo Training Ground – Entrance Go through the door across from the entrance and into the Treasure Room. The door on the upper level leads to one of the side entrances of the Treasure Room. Once you have all five Silver Rupees, the door on the left side of the room will unseal. This switch deactivates the pillar of flames on the other side of the room, letting you get the last Silver Rupee.

Navi will flutter out into an empty space in the middle of the room; play the Song of Time here to make two Blocks of Time appear (if only one appears, you didn’t get close enough – but one is enough). Big Poes only appear while on horseback, though once they are killed you can get off Epona to capture them in an empty Bottle. If you don’t have either Epona or the Bow and Arrows, then you can’t capture them. This will be another easy capture. The eyes will reset after a short time, so you have to hit them all in one pass.

Climb up onto the Blocks of Time, and from there jump to the high ledge against the right wall. Go right up to the wall, and turn around. The two statues to the right of the chest of arrows hide a switch and a golden eye. Steer Epona through the gap in the fence west of the stone, and kill the Poe with arrows as you pass through the gap. Deliver captured Big Poes to the Poe Shop in Hyrule Castle (the building on the left as you first enter Hyrule Castle). Deku Nut First Found: Inside the Deku Tree Used By: Young Link, Adult Link An item used exclusively in combat, Deku Nuts explode in a bright flash when they strike the ground. Bombs First Found: Dodongo’s Cavern Used By: Young Link, Adult Link The “Goron’s Special Crop” is stored in a special pouch made from a Dodongo’s Stomach.

Skyward Sword is the first game to give the origin of the Master Sword, originally called the Goddess Sword. Your best bet is to not even try to shoot it when it first appears, but just follow it to the top of the hill, and then shoot it when the hill levels out further up. Found: On south wall on top of Impa’s House Time Period: Adult Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Hookshot Pull yourself on top of Impa’s House using the Hookshot.