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Novas imagens de Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (3DS) mostram as fantasias de Link - Nintendo Blast So Z-Target one of them as quick as you can. You can now Z-Target him. You can move on with the game now if you like, if another Gold Skulltula and several upgrades don’t interest you. This is actually a warning about Wallmasters, enemies who appear periodically throughout the game. The Forest Temple – Lower Stalfos Chamber New Dungeon Item: Small Key This room contains two Stalfos, giant skeletons who become a common sight later in the game.

This platform contains a pillar which houses a pillar of Blue Fire. Jump back to the Block of Time, and then jump out to the next platform with a Silver Rupee on it. Once Phantom Ganon recovers from the stun, then he returns to throwing balls of lightning at you. Smash both of the pots in the rear of the room to find a Recovery Heart and a Fairy, then return to the Torch Room (the room where the Poe Sisters stole the flames). Run forward into the rooms a short ways, and the four Poe Sisters will appear and steal the four flames from the torches in the center of the room. Climb up onto the ledge across from the door, and step on the switch to make a pillar of flames surrounding a chest near the top of the room disappear. Aim for the Longshot target above this platform, and then jump from that platform to the one above the pillar of flames.

Jump from this piece of the platform up to the sandstone ledge (it looks like a jump you can’t make, but you can). Watch out for the Tektites on the other side (performing a Jump Attack as you jump over to the ledge can help defend against their attacks, but it’s no guarantee). Run straight across the room to the opposite end, where you should jump up onto the ledge and go up the stairs. Go up the stairs and use one of your Small Keys to open the door. Kill it and take it’s token with the Hookshot, then go through the door at the top of the stairs.

Take it’s token. Once you have these two items, return to Lake Hylia and head for what’s left of the lake beneath the large island in the southern area. Kill the Octorok in the pool of water and the Big Deku Baba, then look to the large cliff out in the middle of the pool. The Forest Temple – West Courtyard Kill the Big Deku Baba directly in front of you as you enter, as well as the Octorok in the stream of water to the left. New Dungeon Items: Dungeon Map, Compass New Item: Iron Boots New Song: Serenade of Water Go down the frozen corridor, destroying any stalagmites with your sword and watching out for stalactites that fall from the ceiling.