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And then there are accessories! Things quickly escalate from there. Part of the wall is tiled with some bricks; climb up these bricks. That part of the story seemed so random. 03 Location: The stone wall east of Lon Lon Ranch. Look at the wall to the right after you do. This look is great for a fancy costume event or next Halloween. Although it is hard to make out the intricacies of her outfit in her in-game form, as the sprite work leaves little room for much detail in her appearance, her official artwork makes her look much less like the damsel in distress that she had been for the past few entries in the series. I did not like this book much. The frog has only one costume until the end of the book.

I enjoyed how the frog said mud is great for unclogging the pores. Dogs love mud. She tells the frog, “If you must know, this gown is 100% pure silk. One day, she drops her golden ball into a mud puddle. She makes a deal with the frog, who fetches her ball in return for her letting him eat off her plate, drink from her goblet, and sleep on her bed. Sleeps in a silk bed. Eventually, Monkey and Elephant are given an ultimatum: Monkey and Elephant must make up and hug before they can come home. Elephant gets even by giving the Bunny family the keys to Monkey’s house.

Monkey and Elephant. Monkey goes to Elephant’s house and assumes that he wasn’t invited to a secret costume party that Elephant was having. Link’s Tree House Head out the door in the northwest corner. Once you come around the corner and see the gate, burn all of your carrots at once and charge straight at the gate. Elephant and Monkey apologize to each other and come home. Tensions between Monkey. Elephant continue to escalate. Monkey and Elephant’s Worst Fight Ever! Townsend, Michael. Monkey & Elephant’s Worst Fight Ever! Monkey & Elephant’s Worst Fight Ever! Monkey responds by painting a face on Elephant’s rump while he’s sleeping. Wait for the Moriblin in this passage to face away from you, then kill it with the Hookshot as well. Use the Small Key that the Thief drops to open Shiro’s cell, then run inside and speak with him to free him. Open it to get the Dungeon Map.

She doesn’t know how to get it back, so she changes into a purple bikini. I didn’t know why Monkey. I didn’t know why a monkey would be friends with an elephant. I also thought it was strange how Monkey helps Elephant collect smells for his smell collection. Some of Monkey and Elephant’s actions struck me as childish. Monkey and Elephant’s fight was based on a misunderstanding that could have been resolved if Monkey had asked Elephant what he was doing.