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Death Mountain Trail Before you progress any further, now is the time to replace your Deku Shield with the Hylian Shield you should have picked up in Kakariko Graveyard. Once you have the Piece of Heart, return to Kakariko Village. Dampe’s Gravedigging Game only runs for the first part of the night, so if Dampe isn’t there then you’ll have to go hang around Hyrule Field until it becomes nighttime again, then return to the Graveyard. It’s now time to play Dampe’s Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour to find another Piece of Heart. The Sun’s Song won’t work (it makes the time either noon or midnight, and the Gravedigging Tour is open during neither time). Hyrule Castle – Market (daytime) The Happy Mask Shop is now open for business. You will now be able to select masks from the shop windows as though you were buying them from a regular shop. If you’ve been doing it as you progress through the game, then do Parts VII through X now.

Kill the (not invisible) Big Skulltula at the top, and then look on the wall left of the top of the ladder to find the final Overworld Gold Skulltula. Stand on the narrow ledge at the top of the cliff, and carefully turn around so that you can see the small platform. There will usually be more than one Link at any anime/comic convention (sometimes there are dozens of Links), and you probably want to stand out from the rest, right? It’s the small building near the Temple of Time, to the right of the entrance to the Hyrule Castle Garden. The Know-It-All Brothers House is the building to the right as you enter Kokiri Forest from Hyrule Field. Kakariko Graveyard (nighttime) Go to the rear row of gravestones, and go to the far right. Kakariko Village Return to the guard by the gate to Death Mountain, and speak to him while wearing the Keaton Mask.

He will request, however, that you return to the Hyrule Castle Market and pick up a Keaton mask for him. He will refuse to let you through to Death Mountain Trail. We’ll sell this one in a little while; for now, let’s continue with our journey and start up Death Mountain. Kakariko Village Head to the northern gate, and go through to Death Mountain Trail. Head back to the lower level of Kakariko Village, and enter the House of Skulltula (the single-story building next to the unfinished building). The last of the Skulltulas can be found in the northern edge of the village, on the north side of the building closest to the Death Mountain Gate. Otherwise, skip down to the Death Mountain Trail heading. Stun the Gerudo closest to this door with an arrow (you can use the Longshot if you run out of arrows, but it doesn’t stun the guards for nearly as long), then quickly jump down from the window sill and into the door before the Gerudo recovers.

Jump down into the shallow part of the river, and shoot the Skulltula with the Slingshot before climbing up the ladder to take it’s token. Shoot it with the slingshot before climbing up the ladder to claim it. Go through it. ———————————————- Inside Ganon’s Castle – Water Seal Room Three Shoot the orb with the Light Arrows to dispel it. Unlike other incarnations of Zelda, who primarily used light magic or a bow, Sheik is significantly more agile than one would expect, especially for someone who isn’t usually fighting on the front lines. Her blonde hair falls freely, except for two pieces that lie in front of her ears. Run forward and grab the two Silver Rupees which lie in the middle of the room, directly in the Scythe’s path.