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On the floor of the lake, near a ruined pillar, there is a Bottle. Swim north, back to the shore, and head for the east coast, where there are two small gardens with two scarecrows in them. Lake Hylia Swim to the submerged ruins near the shore, to the east of the Observatory and the west of the Scarecrows. Dive into the water and swim into the tunnel to return to Zora’s Domain. Swim out to this island, and change the time to nighttime.

Which would be cool, except only Young Link can wear the Mask of Truth, and by the time you get the Mask, you’re practically done with Young Link. Goal: Reach backside of the waterfall Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Requires: Nothing Grab a Cucco, and use it to float down to the backside of the waterfall at the east end of the canyon. Dive down. Grab it. Grab hold of it, and push it off the cliff on the other side of the statue. Go down the tunnel on the other side. If you’re after the Gold Skulltula here, then it’s high on the target on the north side of the area.

Kill the Gold Skulltula that appears, and take it’s Token. House of Skulltula New Equipment: Giant’s Wallet Speak with the man in the rear of the room, and he’ll award you for killing 30 Gold Skulltulas with the Giant’s Wallet. Zora’s Domain Return to King Zora’s Throne Room, and show him the Bottled Letter. Head north out of Lake Hylia to return to Hyrule Field. Head for the southern edge of this strip of land, look for the patch of soft earth near the Cow.

Release some Bugs near the patch of soft earth. Remember to recapture one of the three bugs that comes out. Through the locked door as you come out of the crawlspace. Play the easiest eight-note song you can come up with, and don’t play any of the songs you have learned or will learn later. Write this song down somewhere; you’re going to need it later. You’re going to want to take this back to King Zora, but not immediately. Run back through the gap that you just came through, then look to the right where you will see a long aisle of posts on the left and right.