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Most Zelda games take place in the land of Hyrule, and Ocarina of Time possesses the most fully realized and complete version of this mythical land. In each of the five environments of Hyrule, there exists a Temple which is aligned to the people of that land. Aside from these five mystic temples, home to five of the six Spiritual Sages, there are also smaller dwellings of evil creatures. Home to a race of rock-like creatures known as the Gorons, the mountain is also home to other, more unpleasant creatures, such as the Dodongos. The Gerudos are an earthy, secretive race whose people are mostly female. North of Lake Hylia, there exists a rocky, rugged valley that is home to the Gerudos. Hidden in the midst of the Haunted Wasteland is the Desert Colossus, an ancient oasis and home of the Gerudos.

Home to the Hylians, and Hyrule’s namesake, Hyrule Castle contains a Market, and housing for the citizens of Hyrule and it’s Royal Family. Kakariko Village is nestled at the foot of Death Mountain, Hyrule’s resident active volcano. In the northeast corner of Hyrule is the village of Kakariko. Buried beneath the Kakariko Graveyard is the Shadow Temple. Find a way to reach the Shadow Temple. Though The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is nearing it’s tenth anniversary as I write this, it’s legacy continues and pervades every action title imaginable in even the remotest way. Run along the ledge, killing the Big Deku Baba on the way. Run to the right, past the first Big Skulltula. The real Amy does a little spin when she first splits up. To get the upperhand right from the start, prepare a Super Spin Attack by holding the attack button as soon as you enter the room, then slowly edge into the room.

If you don’t remember how to get by the guards, here’s a lazy cut and paste from earlier in the guide: Climb up the ivy wall to the top (it has some rough spots where if you don’t climb up in just the right place, you’ll fall off). You get twenty arrows to use, and in order to win the Piece of Heart from this game you must score at least 1,000 points. Even to this day, the best Z-Targeting is still found in the Zelda Series, and Ocarina of Time is regularly awarded the title of “Best Game Ever” by gaming publications worldwide.

With nine dungeons, two mini-dungeons and one optional dungeon, Ocarina of Time has the largest number of dungeons of any Zelda title, past or present. As if to prove Ocarina’s enduring legacy and rabid fanbase, these two titles are incredibly difficult to find, and have absurd price tags attached to them when you do. Both the Deku Tree and the Zora Demi-god Jabu-Jabu have been cursed by evil creatures, and only by traveling into their interiors will Link be able to defeat the evil monsters and free the Deku Tree and Jabu-Jabu from the enchantment. Although many games (Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess) have featured the Master Sword, there are also blades like the Kokiri Sword, the Biggoron Sword, the Giant’s Knife, and other unnamed swords from earlier games in the series – not to mention all the swords Link can have in Soul Caliber II.