zelda breath of the wild costume

When the Gray Wolfos dies, the gate blocking the entrance to the Sacred Forest Meadow will disappear, letting you in. The Sacred Forest Meadow New Song: Saria’s Song Run forward a short ways, and you will immediately be ambushed by a Gray Wolfos, the weakest variety of Wolfos. Kill or dodge another Deku Scrub, and run around another corner. Look to the right, and kill the Gold Skulltula on the wall. No matter how you look at it, it’s easy, so don’t stress out about it. Once you have pulled yourself up to Pierre, look to the right and you will see a floating platform with a circular hookshot target on it. Climb up the long stairset to the east of the Cucco Lady’s pasture, and run straight to the edge, and aim yourself right at the elevated platform which is fenced off. Once the Freezzard is dead, jump to the platform on the left, and jump again to the next platform.

Boots To reach this Cucco, climb up the stairs to the partially constructed building, and jump off the edge towards the Cucco while holding another Cucco in your hands. The Cucco Lady is found in the south-eastern part of town, near the partially constructed building. Being careful not to fall into the pit (doing so will reset the Cuccos in Kakariko Village, forcing you to start over from the beginning), grab another Cucco running around in the small grotto behind the building. Defeat them in the usual fashion, and in under 1:00, and a chest containing this room’s Small Key will appear. The first order of business in Kakariko is to gather up all the Cuccos around town and deliver them to the Cucco Lady, who will give you a Bottle for your trouble.

Grab yourself another Cucco from the pasture, since more floating is needed to reach the last two. Destroy the Skulltula and the Gold Skulltula hanging from the ivy, then climb up the ivy to grab the token. Grab the next Cucco very near the Cucco Lady’s pasture, near the arch leading to the Graveyard in the southeast corner. The Cucco will help you float out to the ledge. Note the Cucco who is trapped on a ledge near the large tree in the center of town, which is blocked off by a tall fence. The fence can’t be climbed, and the ledge is too high to jump up. If your aim is precise, then you can make it over the fence. Take a left down a grassy detour, then another left back onto the main road. Drop back down to the second level of the dungeon, and enter the door on the west side.

Head back down the stairs you came up, down the long corridor, and down the second flight of stairs. Shoot this with your Slingshot as well, and the second ring of flames will disappear, leaving you free to jump the rest of the way across. This Silver Rupee will unseal the door at the back of the room. The Triforce, eagle, and silver designs are cut out of FunFoam sheets.