zelda breath of the wild gerudo outfit

Bryce: I started gaming many years ago with the original Legend of Zelda around the first grade with my father. Looking back at the array of choices in the game, it’s easy to rank the best costumes in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, slot two is a Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess glitch that quite frankly, is fairly boring and not too interesting. Melee, and Soul Caliber 2. The second most popular form of Link is his new Twilight Princess style that includes a more detailed costume and chainmail underneath his tunic. But I’ve always wondered just how that costume was put together — and more importantly, who the heck is in there, anyway? Halloween is only a day away — do you have your costume ready yet?

Make sure to refer to that for your own Link getup before heading out on Halloween to smash your neighbors’ pots and chop away at their bushes while looking for candy. Jump out to the switch and step on it. Jump down and climb up the ladder, then go back through the door. Okay, for tonight’s hottest game video, we’re pulling the editorial trump card and jumping down to slot three.

While Hogger was a fantastic costume that many remember, Bryce has done a couple of other costumes for BlizzCon as well — a sturdy Tree of Life that does the Twist, and a lovely version of priest tier 5. Bryce sat down with us and chatted about the art of costuming, patience, and how exactly he managed to walk around in that Hogger costume and still see where he was going! Okay, the best part of the costume is the stainless steel chainmaille shirt. The Zora set not only looks amazing but offers one of the best bonuses in the game thanks to its ability to increase Link’s swimming speed. Kill the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token, then plant one of your two remaining Magic Beans in the patch. Smash it with the Megaton Hammer to find another Gold Skulltula (again, it must be nighttime). Find Codes: These are special find codes used in conjunction with the Gold Skulltula chapter, and do not affect the main walkthrough.

Run towards the center of the room, near the front of the Colossus statue, where you will find a pair of torches. If you are talking about Jabu-Jabu from OoT, get a fish from the water in a bottle, then place it in front of him. The Shadow Temple – Gibdos Room New Dungeon Item: Compass Kill the pair of Gibdos in this room (if you missed them in the Bottom of the Well, Gibdos are more aggressive versions of Redeads). The Desert Vai set gives Link heat resistance but only when all three pieces are equipped – the Desert Voe armor is an upgrade in almost every way.