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Kids Elf Warrior Costume - Legend of Zelda Link Costume (Medium (8-10)) Charades,http://www ... Take it, then jump into the river and ride it downstream to return to Lake Hylia. Make it nighttime if you need to, then nail the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token with the Hookshot. Great Fairy’s Fountain New Item: Farore’s Wind Run forward to the fountain, stand on the Triforce emblem and play Zelda’s Lullaby to make the Dominatrix appear. The other sun panels will just make Wall Masters appear, who you must then defeat. If you miss it, then you’ll have to jump into the river, ride it downstream to Lake Hylia, and then return to Gerudo Valley so you can get another Cucco. This time, you’ll get Farore’s Wind, a spell which lets you set checkpoints in Dungeons.

Once you have Farore’s Wind, leave the Fairy Fountain. Play Zelda’s Lullaby, and the Great Fairy of Sexual Dominance will appear to give you Nayru’s Love, the final magic spell in the game. Go through the cave to find your third Great Fairy’s Fountain. If you do this while he is passing through the tunnel in the northern part of the third floor, then he will give you the Bomb Bag x30 as a reward for your daring. This is easier said then done, however, as several areas of Jabu-Jabu’s Belly are blocked by parasitic tentacles, which must be destroyed first.

Goron Tunic First Found: Goron City Used By: Adult Link The Goron Tunic is made from Goron Skin, and is highly resistant to heat. The only downside to being Adult Link it is much more difficult to dodge it’s attacks. If all of this is too much for you, just use the Master Sword As Twinrova, the sisters gain the ability to fire both Fire and Ice. In essence, it removes the Timer while underwater, much in the same way that the Goron Tunic removes the timer while in super hot areas. Hover Boots increase the effects of gusts of wind in the same way that Iron Boots decrease the effect. As soon as you come out of the Ice Cavern, don your Iron Boots and drop down into the pool of water. Dive into the water and swim into the tunnel to return to Zora’s Domain. Catch one of the fish who swim around here in an empty Bottle.

Run into the middle of this small room, and quickly run in a small circle several times to coax down all of the stalactites who threaten to fall from the ceiling. Ignore any Peahats who you may attract on the way. Rescuing the Carpenters and getting the bridge repaired may seem trivial, but you’re going to have to do it to progress anyway. The Tektites may have returned; defeat them as necessary. For the accessories, you have the elf ears and Master Sword, which is the final sword that Link uses to defeat his enemies.