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Eliminate them with the Longshot. Equip the Iron Boots and defeat all of the Stingers in the pool of water with the Longshot. For 7 years she hides out from Ganondorf, masquerading as Sheik as she waited for Link to return so that they could defeat Ganondorf once and for awhile. Young Link can’t handle the intense flames of Death Mountain Crater. If you do, he’ll give you a ride back down the mountain to Kakariko Village, which you don’t want to do just yet. Run over to the marble gate, and drop down on the other side. If you fall in this room at any time, you will have to get all of the Silver Rupees over again. Run over to the dead end (it’s marked with a sign which reads “Dead End”).

Death Mountain Trail – Great Fairy’s Fountain New Upgrade: Magic Meter x1, Super Spin Attack Run forward to the fountain, and stand on the Triforce emblem. Hyrule Castle – Great Fairy’s Fountain New Item: Din’s Fire Run to the Fountain, and stand on the Triforce Emblem. Crawl through the tunnel to find another Great Fairy’s Fountain. Leave the Fountain to return to Death Mountain Trail. Kill it and take it’s token, then go back out to the Trail. Kill it and take the token with the Hookshot. Take the Heart Container that Barinade leaves behind, then enter the ring of shimmering blue light. Go right around the next corner, and either kill or dodge the two Blue Bubbles before going through the door at the other end of the room.

The Water Temple – The Vertical Hallway We now need to move the water level back to it’s second level, but to do that we’re first going to have move it to it’s lowest level. Because the boat is going to sink. Hyrule Field Before we continue on with our journey, we have a few errands to run in Hyrule Castle. Return to Hyrule Castle Market. Hyrule Castle – Market (daytime) If you’re doing the Happy Mask Trading Sequence, then head for the Happy Mask Shop. Enter Hyrule Castle, and go through the Market to the Garden. Before completing this chapter, also consider completing: Obtaining Epona (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Two) Biggoron Sword Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Three) ————- Hyrule Field It’s time to move on with the journey.

You may have to return to the Hyrule Castle Gatehouse or do the Drawbridge Rupee Trick multiple times before you finally get all three rewards. Once you have the Piece of Heart, or if you already had it from your first visit to Kakariko, then drop down off the roof, and enter the House of Skulltula, the single-story building directly across from Impa’s House. Go to the left side of the Market, and enter the building with the large poster, whose door is at the foot of the long stairset.