zelda cosplay breath of the wild

Run towards this pit, and Volvagia’s head will emerge. Allow one of his hands to grab you, and Deadhand’s body and head will appear and move slowly towards you. Allow another hand to grab you, and repeat the process until Deadhand dies. If you take too long to stun Volvagia, then he will attack you, and appear in a different pit so you can try again. If you score 1,500 or more on your first attempt, then you have to play again to earn the Quiver and repeat the feat. Speak with the rather large and hairy clerk, and agree to play the game. To gain access to Bigocto’s backside, you must stun him with the Boomerang, then begin running around to his backside by circling around the large platform in the middle of the room.

You have two methods of attack: either take the Stalfos method, by dodging the Iron Knuckles relatively slow attacks, and then attacking in the aftermath of the Iron Knuckles own attacks. M-I-N-I–B-O-S-S- Iron Knuckle Iron Knuckles are tough, massive, and deal loads of damage. Use another Jump Attack, backflip away, and repeat until the Knuckle is defeated. Kill it and use the Boomerang to take it’s token. If you’re a combat purist and refuse to use such an easy tactic, then the second-best way to beat him is to use regular sword attacks, but don’t Z-Target him.

Gohma usually immediately begins her charge attack, so immediately shoot her in the eye with the Slingshot, then begin using Jump Attacks (remember to swing your sword at least once before trying to do a jump attack). You get twenty arrows to use, and in order to win the Piece of Heart from this game you must score at least 1,000 points. On your second pass, shoot for the targets on the east side of the course until you get near enough to accurately hit the target on the south side of the course. The Gold Skulltula is above the door on the south side of the room. Move the Block with the Song of Time, to find the Gold Skulltula behind it. I fastened the clips right behind my ears.

When you get behind him, do a Jump Attack with the Biggoron Sword or Megaton Hammer to deal a hefty amount of damage to Ganon. Epona will automatically run up and down the course (you get one pass in each direction before the game ends). The order is as follows: 1.) In the middle 2.) From the left, then from the right 3.) Jumps from the middle 4.) From the left AND right 5.) Two rupees coming from the right, going left 6.) Two rupees coming from the left, going right Note number 2: if a single blue rupee comes from the left, then the next one will ALWAYS come from the right, despite the randomness of the rest of it. This shooting game is identical to the Shooting Gallery from Link’s childhood, only now the order is completely random. In order to damage him, you must wait for him to begin inhaling in the first phase, and quickly throw a Bomb into his mouth.