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Make sure it’s nighttime, then enter the hollowed out log, run across the Lost Woods Bridge and enter Kokiri Forest. Hyrule Field Hang around Hyrule Field until it becomes nighttime, then reenter Lon Lon Ranch. Once you make it over the gate, then you will return to Hyrule Field and Epona will become yours. Impa will then show you back outside to Hyrule Field, and point you in the direction of Kakariko Village. Hyrule Field Point yourself south, and head for the large structure whose opening is just visible. Leave the pasture, then go to the mill in the rear of the field (behind the pasture).

Leave back out the door. Jump out to it when it gets near enough, then jump to the ledge on the other side. Pull yourself over to the ledge with the Hookshot or Longshot. Zelda wears a puffy-, long-sleeved white shirt under a short-sleeved, long white dress with purple accents, which in turn is worn under a sleeveless purple top and royal sash hanging over the front of the dress. Jump over the gap here to the adjacent roof, then around the corner to find a wall covered with ivy. You are now standing on what was formerly the wall the last time you were here. Watch out for the pit near the wall here (use the Lens of Truth to dodge it). Only one problem – painting the front of the curved foamcore made the shield flatten out. The Scarecrow’s Song First Found: Lake Hylia Sequence: Player’s Choice A hidden song, the Scarecrow’s Song is taught by the player to one of the scarecrows in Lake Hylia by Young Link.

Malon will then teach you Epona’s Song. Zelda will then stand aside and let you see Ganondorf in person for the first time (the dream sequence doesn’t count!). He will throw three “special” cuccos into the pack of regular cuccos, and if you can find all three of the special cuccos before the time runs out, then he’ll reward you with a Bottle, filled with Lon Lon Milk. In the corner of the room, there are a large number of milk crates. Agree to look through the window, and Ganondorf will see you out of the corner of his eye. Once it is dead, go to the right and around the corner.

Halfway down the hall on the right is a switch. Kill the Gold Skulltula back here, and grab the token by facing away from the token, holding down Z, and holding back and A to backflip into the token. Climb down to Mido’s House, and climb up to the cliff behind his house. The Water Temple – The Vertical Hallway New Dungeon Item: Compass As soon as you enter the dungeon, take off your Iron Boots (and equip your Zora Tunic if you haven’t yet) and climb out of the pool of water. Once you have the Piece of Heart, turn around and climb back up the ladder. If you have an extra bottle of Blue Fire, then you can use it to unfreeze the entrance to the Zora’s Shop, which sells extra Zora Tunics, in addition to other useless trinkets. Zora Tunic First Found: Zora’s Domain Used By: Adult Link The Zora Tunic is made from Zora Skin, and allows the wearer to breath underwater in the same manner that the Zora do.