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Enter the Spirit Temple as Young Link. The Happy Mask Salesman Sidequest is the only Sidequest available to Young Link. 3: The Spooky Mask Sold To: Dampe’s Fanboy in the Kakariko Graveyard (daytime only) Borrow Price: 30 Rupees Sell Price: 30 Rupees This mask is sold to Dampe’s Fanboy, the little kid who walks around Kakariko Graveyard and pretends to be Dampe (he only appears during the day). Defeat Morpha. 22. Go to Kakariko Village. Defeat Morpha. Enter the Water Temple. Find a way to reach the Shadow Temple.

It is required to defeat the Shadow Temple’s boss, as well as to access the entrance to the Spirit Temple. Our ultimate goal is to create the characters as they would appear in reality to the best of our abilities, placing them in beautiful sceneries true to their Hyrulean counterparts, and creating elaborate photosets, as well as a film short. The Mask of Truth can also be used in the Forest Stage to earn a Deku Nut capacity upgrade. 2 First Found: Forest Stage The second Deku Stick Upgrade can be obtained from the Forest Stage, but requires the Skull Mask. 8: The Gerudo Mask If you thought this mask would actually fool any of the Gerudos, then go jump off a cliff. Borrow Price: 15 Rupees Sell Price: 10 Rupees This mask is in the shape of a Skull.

In Wind Waker, Link meets a pirate named Tetra and stops her from being kidnapped by the Helmaroc King, at the expense of having his sister kidnapped. Once you find him, you’ll have to chase him until he stops (the Sun’s Song is no help). Found: In a high-up alcove in the room with the ship Requires: Longshot; Scarecrow’s Song Optional Head for the room with the ship, and climb up to the front of the ship. Found: In small room to the east of the giant spinning scythe room Requires: Hookshot; Blue Flame Use a bottle of Blue Fire to melt the red-colored wall on the east side of the spinning scythe room.

Goal: Dive to the bottom of the Observatory Pool Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Requires: Gold Scale First, win the Gold Scale from the Fishing Pond by catching a fifteen-pound or larger fish with Adult Link. 30. Enter the Spirit Temple as Young Link. While not named as such, Hilda from A Link Between Worlds is the Lorule equivalent of Zelda in her world and fulfills the same position as her counterpart. Morpha essentially has the same phase through the entire fight, where it will attack you with it’s arms. Return to Ganon to begin the final phase of the fight. You should also avoid standing on the four platforms on the inside of the room, since this will allow Morpha to attack you from several sides (this takes more precedence later in the fight when Morpha has several arms to attack you with), and also gives you very little room to move, making it even easier for Morpha to grab you.