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The Shadow Temple – The Other Gibdos Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key Change back to the Kokiri Boots, then kill the Gibdos in this room while dodging the Blade Traps on the floor, and a chest will appear. Go through it. ———————————- The Spirit Temple – Boss Key Room New Dungeon Item: Boss Key Kill all of the Fire Slugs in the room (remember, when they contract into a tall cylinder-shape, they’re about to attack), and then use Bombs and the Megaton Hammer to destroy all of the false-doors in the room. To defeat these, simply shoot them twice with the Hookshot; once to stun, once to kill. From here, you can just barely shoot the corner of the diamond switch with the Hookshot.

Buy DAVIKO The Zelda hoodie Cosplay Costume Breath of the Wild Link Hoodie Sweatershirt kids Halloween Coat Online in Taiwan. B09CGWQ16J Look in the mouth of the dragon’s statue on the way down, and you will spot a diamond switch. Defeat them all, and a grating will open across from the diamond switch. In the corner, there is a diamond switch. Climb out of the water at the top of the passage, and strike the diamond switch on the right. Found: Smallest Island in Southeast of Lake Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Nothing Swim out to the small island in the southeast of the Lake.

At the top of the passage, get out of the water and open the chest to get a Small Key. Open the chest to get another Small Key. The switch to open the grating is actually just on the other side of it. Shell Blades are invulnerable until just before they attack, when they briefly open their mouth. Most of the Armos Knights in this room are conveniently placed to block the Blade Traps, so avoid touching or moving them to keep this happy equilibrium in place. When you land, head to the west and defeat a Shell Blade with the Hookshot. The Water Temple – Shell Blade Room New Dungeon Item: Small Key Here, you introduced to a charming new enemy known as the Shell Blade. Thieves’ Hideout – Sabooro’s Cell New Dungeon Item: Small Key Run up to the top of the ramp, and speak with Sabooro in his cell at the far end of the room (the closer cell contains pots, which contain junk).

This room contains a pillar of water (similar to the pillars of flame from the Fire Temple). Inside Ganon’s Castle – Tower Floor Five This room contains a ton of pots. Go around behind the chest to find a Block of Time embedded in the floor. It’s now time to return to that gash in the wall, near where we met Ruto earlier. Now that the room is now longer flooded with water, then the torch has relit itself. Return to the main room. Return to the main area of the room by sinking down through the pool of water with the Iron Boots, then using the Hookshot at the other end of the corridor to pull yourself back up to the main room.