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Once you have the items, return to Kakariko Village. Return to Kakariko Village. Found: Tree near entrance to Kakariko Village Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime OR Nighttime Requires: Nothing Roll into the tree near the entrance to town. Hyrule Field Now that your Giant’s Wallet is overflowing with rupees, it’s time to spend most of them on Magic Beans. If you don’t have the Giant’s Wallet yet, then you’re going to miss out on the majority of these.

Watch out for Fire Keese and the Beamos. Din’s Fire First Found: Hyrule Castle Garden Used By: Young Link, Adult Link When used, this spell creates a ring of fire that expands out and encompasses everything in the room. Enter the castle. Go to the Happy Mask Shop. Hyrule Castle – Happy Mask Shop New Item: Mask of Truth Speak with the mask trader, and pay him fifty rupees for the Bunny Hood. Once he has stopped, speak to him while wearing the Bunny Hood, and he will give you 500 rupees for it. Speak with the man gazing up at Death Mountain, and he’ll give you a Piece of Heart.

The Bolero transports Link (Young or Adult) to Death Mountain Crater, giving easy access to the Fire Temple. Run around the room in small circles until it appears (watch out for the Fire Keese), then defeat it when it lands. Head out into the field, towards the southwest wall, to the right of the mill. Head towards the arch leading into the field, and stop to look at the second story window on the left building. You’re going to do this by using the elevator in the Antechamber to reach the second floor.

Get off on the second floor, and enter the tunnel opposite the plaque. After the cutscene is over, dive into the water of the moat to get the Ocarina of Time, at which point Zelda will contact you telepathically and teach you the Song of Time. Zelda and Impa will race out of the gates, and Zelda will do a really fantastic John Elway impression by throwing you the Ocarina of Time, which will land in the moat. Complete the course and beat Malon’s best time, and Malon will reward you with your own personal Cow back at Link’s House in Kokiri Forest. Before she took back the title of Zelda, she hid herself from Ganon as the pirate Tetra, taking on a look that hadn’t been since on the princess before or since. Look to the left as you enter to see a Piece of Heart high on a ledge.