zelda fi cosplay

Now comes the actual sewing. When it comes to sewing, you will just have to lay the two pieces flat on top of each other and sew them together along the long edges of the triangle. At least Zelda doesn’t have to wear that Xena wannabe outfit anymore. His main task is usually to rescue Princess Zelda. Link may become the Hero’s Shade after this, training his descendant in Twilight Princess. Kill any Tektites you may come across along the way. Here come some really easy parts.

Otherwise, head up the trail to Goron City and scroll down to the part of the guide with the heading “Goron City.” ——————————- Dodongo’s Cavern – Antechamber If you’re wondering that we’re doing here again, it’s because we’re going after one last Gold Skulltula which has been eluding you here. The Fire Temple – Lower Flare Dancer Room -M-I-N-I–B-O-S-S- Flare Dancer Defeat another Flare Dancer here. Use the ceiling as a bridge to reach the ledge on the south side of the room. The three platforms in the center of the room will begin to rise. Aim Epona at one of the fences in the course, then begin tapping A to feed her carrots and move forward.

The adult Links usually wear a bandolier, one which his scabbard and shield are slung. If you’re going for a homemade theme, you can make a shield fairly easily with paper-mache. Use your marker to make a small mark at the appropriate length (measurement 2). Then, all you need to do is connect the edges of your line to the point to form a triangle. Just make sure that whichever kind of paint you choose, you consistently use the same kind – not all paints mesh well with each other when you use them in unison. Make sure that it is daytime, then enter the building at the bottom of the stairs near the middle of town.

Now, mark the middle and measure a perpendicular line, the length of your second measurement, straight above. Now you will want to measure from the top of your head down to the middle of your back. Choose the ones you want. Cut it out and repeat the process to make two identical triangle pieces. It is on the east side of the room, marked by two torches (currently unlit thanks to that pesky water level). You should have two pieces of cloth ready to make a tunic! Lightly trace the outline of the shirt on the cloth with your marker, adding an inch or so around the outer edge, and extra inches at the bottom to make the tunic thigh length. Elastic bands make for a great way to secure the shield to your arm while holding it, but a few pieces of cloth strips can be used instead.