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Grab the Silver Rupee near the cliff edge before a boulder comes along and knocks you off the cliff. Grab your friends and your Nintendo 3DS, it’s time for a legendary adventure. One, as Young Link grab a Cucco and float out to the balcony from the top of the unfinished house. Use the new Totem mechanic to stack all three Links on top of each other to reach new areas and solve puzzles. The last boulder at the top of the ledges hides a pit, which contains, among other things, a Cow which you can use to replenish your supply of Milk (play Epona’s Song). Use a set of emoticons to communicate with your two teammates. Hyrule Field New Item: Ocarina of Time New Song: Song of Time If you’ve been skipping the Happy Mask Trading Sequence, then start heading for Hyrule Castle now and skip the next two paragraphs.

Though his inventory in Ocarina of Time is not as large or varied as it was in A Link to the Past, this is due more to the fact that Ocarina doesn’t have quite as many superfluos items that you use once, and then forget they exist. Some versions are more olive toned, but really, people want to see the green. There are some less conventional gifts you can get for a Zelda fan. You can also find gifts featuring other classic characters, like Princess Zelda and the evil Ganondorf. For one, Ganondorf remains stationary in the center of the room.

Right in the center of the folded edge of the tunic, cut a 4 inch slit. The folded edge will be where the head hole is. He will then appear in two of the paintings, charging towards you down the path; one of them is the real Phantom Ganon, the other is fake. Once the Anubis is defeated, the door on the right side of the room will unseal itself. Run over to the marble gate, and drop down on the other side. Kill the Gold Skulltula on the other side and take it’s token. After he’s gone, roll into the tree to make a Gold Skulltula appear.

Kill them all, and then get the Gold Skulltula from the rear wall. Found: On wire wall in two-sided room with Silver Rupee puzzle Time Period: Young Link ONLY Requires: Boomerang Solve the Silver Rupee Puzzle, and when the bridge in the middle of the room falls, cross it and use the Boomerang to kill the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token. All of the goodies in this room are located on the outside wall, so hug the outside wall as much as possible and you won’t miss anything. Mind you, these costumes are labelled as downloadable content, but we’re unsure as to what degree — they could be a pre-order bonus for buying the game at a specific retailer or some form of paid DLC. These are your old friends from Dodongo’s Cavern.