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Jump off the ledge to the floor below, and make your way to the back of the area. In order to progress through the dungeon, you must find a way to break through the four different levels of the Trunk and into the Sub-Basement, where the dungeon’s boss resides. Inside the Deku Tree – The Trunk New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map Start by killing the Deku Babas in the corners of the room. Enter his mouth to begin the first dungeon.

Open the chest part of the way along the ledge to find the Dungeon Map. Kill them or dodge them, whichever you prefer, and make your way through to the Deku Tree’s Clearing. Pull yourself up to this target, and grab the Silver Rupee on the way down. Jump down and climb up the ladder, then go back through the door. Climb up the stairs directly in front of you as you enter. Jump across to the platform directly in front of you, and kill the Lava Slug. Inside the Deku Tree – Slingshot Room New Item: Fairy Slingshot New Equipment: Bullet Bag x30 Jump out to the gray platform, but quickly jump to the next ledge, as the platform will quickly begin to fall. Open the chest to find the Fairy Slingshot (and the Bullet Bag x30 which goes with it, though it isn’t mentioned in-game). Halfway through it, you’ll encounter a bunch of Deku Babas.

Speak with him, and he will upgrade the total amount of Deku Sticks you can carry to 20 for 40 rupees (and he’ll maximize your Deku Sticks for free). Epona’s Song (Young Link) First Found: Lon Lon Ranch Sequence: C-Up, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right Taught to you by Malon in Lon Lon Ranch, Epona’s Song has two primary functions: one, it lets you ride Epona as Adult Link, and two, gets you free milk from any cow in the game.

Goal: Climb to the top of the Observatory Time Period: Young Link AND Adult Link OR Adult Link Requires: Magic Beans OR Scarecrow’s Song; Hookshot As Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the patch of soft earth near the backside of the Observatory. Climb the ladder back to the top. The fourth can be found on top of the tall observation tower on the upper level of Kakariko Village. Now if you’re anything like me, you’ll wonder how the hell people can find this boss hard.