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SFMLab • [BOTW] Zelda room Look on the right wall as you enter the room to see the Gold Skulltula. Nail the Gold Skulltula on the wall behind the Skulls, take it’s token, then return to the previous room. If you miss it, then you’ll have to jump into the river, ride it downstream to Lake Hylia, and then return to Gerudo Valley so you can get another Cucco. Link will automatically jump from each one as you run along them. Found: Tree in southwest of paddock Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Daytime or Nighttime Requires: Nothing Roll into the tree southwest of the paddock in Lon Lon Ranch.

To perform a jump attack, begin by drawing your sword (B button) then hitting A. If you time it right and stand at just the right distance, the tip of your sword will connect with the Business Scrub just before he retreats into the ground. Z-Target the Business Scrub, who will probably retreat into the ground. To beat this Business Scrub and make him sell you his wares, either reflect his Deku Nut back into his face with the Deku Shield, or do a Jump Attack. Jump off the ledge to the floor below, and make your way to the back of the area.

Kokiri Forest Jump up to the ledge behind Mido’s House, and look behind his house to find another Blue Rupee. The giant tree stump before you is Mido’s House. The Forest Temple – Lower Stalfos Chamber New Dungeon Item: Small Key This room contains two Stalfos, giant skeletons who become a common sight later in the game. You’ve now obtained all of the blue rupees which are preset in the game. Speak with him, and he will upgrade the total amount of Deku Sticks you can carry to 20 for 40 rupees (and he’ll maximize your Deku Sticks for free). Run towards the center of the room, near the front of the Colossus statue, where you will find a pair of torches. I made four belt loops per tunic (I couldn’t find an official number for Link’s outfit – all the reference pictures had a different number). Play the Song of Time to make them disappear, then climb up the staircase on the other side to find yourself back in the Windmill.

If it isn’t nighttime, play the Sun’s Song to make it so. The last panel will make a Wall Master appear and attempt to capture you. And as always when linking to a different website, make sure you have permission from that website to do so before creating such a link. 1 First Found: Inside the Deku Tree Used By: Young Link Found along with the Fairy Slingshot, this ammunition pouch holds 30 Deku Seeds (the Slingshot’s preferred ammunition). Fairy Bow First Found: The Forest Temple Used By: Adult Link The most powerful ranged weapon in the game, the Fairy Bow is found quite early in Adult Link’s journey to awaken the Sages. This means cosplaying the character will require the green clothing Link is known for, together with his green hat, short blonde hair, and brown boots. In essence, it cancels the time limit you have to remain underwater while wearing the Iron Boots.