zelda link breath of the wild costume

There are plenty of mods that add fan-made items into Breath of the Wild, but if you want to be armed to the teeth with classic weaponry from past Zelda titles then look no further. Being able to play as Princess Zelda in Breath of the Wild certainly makes for a unique experience, especially since fans of Nintendo’s fantasy epic have only ever been able to play as her in the series’ various spin-off titles. Because you can play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on PC – check out the video below to show you exactly how from the wizards over on the YouTube Channel strangely named “literally a dead channel” – you can bet your bottom dollar that there are mods for it. And yes, there are some seriously awesome Breath of the Wild mods that you can download right now, that range from really heckin’ useful, to downright strange.

Modder Fooni is currently working on an ambitious mod that will allow two player local co-op in Breath of the Wild. Zelda will then beg Link to help her save Hyrule from Ganondorf. Hyrule Warriors gave us a unique opportunity to slash our way to victory with our favourite characters from previous games, and it felt good to swat hordes of Bokoblins with the pointy end of Zelda’s rapier. After the phenomenal orchestral soundtrack in Skyward Sword and iconic themes from past games, it can feel a bit strange silently wandering through dense forests and arid deserts with only ambient music playing in the background.

Emulation is certainly a legal grey area and isn’t officially sanctioned by Nintendo, but that hasn’t stopped folks from using emulated copies of the game to add new playable characters, items from past games, and even new ways for us to play. Play Zelda’s Lullaby in front of the plaque to lower the water level to it’s bottom level. The buckle on the front is purely decorative – the belt is big enough to easily slide over my head and shoulder without needing to be fastened. Using the front portion of her blonde hair, the Redditor was even able to create the flawless illusion that she truly had the Princess’s Hyrulean pointed ears. Breath of the Wild modders have been busy adding Minecraft characters, replacing the game’s Hinox with Shrek skins, and even making Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’ Carl Johnson a playable character. The Skyrim modding community may have beaten Hefty by a few years, but the sentient engine has never looked so happy to be part of Link’s grand adventure.

It was only a matter of time that the modding community gave the Butcher of Bokoblin a more fitting look. Amazingly, despite the Game Boy’s limited technological potential, Link’s Awakening felt more like a minimized- version of A Link to the Past instead of a cheap knockoff of the original Zelda. Unfortunately, the majority of his companions are non-playable, with Link invariably being the sole adventurer who explores the game’s picturesque overworld and dank dungeons. This humorous mod replaces the game’s giant horses with some really useful engines. What makes this mod so impressive is the fact that the majority of Zelda’s model had to be built entirely from scratch, since the princess is only featured in the game’s various cutscenes. The mod works by changing the location of an NPC, and model swapping them with Link.