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Once you have the Biggest Quiver, the Piece of Heart, and the Ice Arrows (if you choose), then head for the northwest corner of the Fortress and climb to the top of the tower there. The Treasure Room contains numerous chests, which appear as follows: Right from the entrance – Bombchus, Bundle of Arrows Left from the entrance – Purple Rupee, Red Rupee, Bundle of Arrows, Ice Arrows Once you have the Ice Arrows, then you can just leave (you’ll have to walk out – warp songs don’t work in here). Make sure it’s nighttime before progressing from here.

If it isn’t nighttime when you return to Gerudo’s Fortress, then play the Sun’s Song to make it so. Go through it and open the chest inside to get a Small Key, then return to the Totem Room. Take it’s token. The gap between the roofs is too far to jump, so use the Longshot on the chest to pull yourself over to it (the Longshot’s range is just barely far enough to reach it). Kill the Gold Skulltula at the bottom of the pit, and take it’s token with the Longshot. Use the Longshot to kill it and take it’s token, then return to the awning near the south side of the gallery. Once you have the quiver, return to Kakariko Village. Link has to invade Gerudo Fortress, free the Carpenters, cross the Desert, travel back in time to start the dungeon, and then return to the future to finish it.

‚óŹ Link Ocarina of Time costume comes with hat, coat, undershirt, pants, gloves, belt, shoulder strap and wrist armors. Goal: Use Magic Leaf to reach Heart Piece Time Period: Young Link AND Adult Link Requires: Magic Beans As Young Link, plant a Magic Bean in the patch of soft earth on the west side of the Graveyard. Now head for the Colossus itself, the huge stone statue in the west corner of the area. Gerudo’s Fortress As you come out of the door from Jiro’s Cell, look to the west and drop off the cliff to the roof below. For one, it lets you move around Gerudo Fortress freely without the guards harassing you.

If you’re going to do the Training Ground now, then move on down to the chapter on the Training Ground. Then, skip down to the next chapter. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Keep Head to the right as you come out of the Forest Seal hallway, and go right down the stairs. Keep the Lens activate whiled following the ghost; if you use the tapping trick which prevents the Lens from using magic power, you can easily lose track of the ghost. Don’t even attempt this until you have finished the Forest Temple, though it can be completed at any time afterwards. Climb onto the Block of Time. Back on the Haunted Wasteland, climb to the top of the structure using the ramp that begins on the north side of the structure.