zelda navi halloween costume

Jump out to the large island in the middle of the embers. Jump forward onto the platform in front of you, and it will begin to sink into the lava. After he recovers from the stun, the Bigocto will begin running in a random direction. It will then retract into the wall. Stand next to the sealed up wall, and then kill the Baby Dodongo as it moves by it. You will come to a place where another Baby Dodongo appears, as well as a sealed up wall.

St. Martin holding his sword Grab one of the Bomb Flowers to your right, and throw it near the cracked wall. Grab hold of one of the Armos Statues, and push it into place onto the gray switch. The Spirit Temple – Armos Knight Room If you still haven’t switched back to the Hylian Shield, then do so now. After the Lizalfos are dead, the door on the west side of the room will unlock. Cliffs to the west side of the room. The explosion will destroy the barrier, letting you access the door on the other side. Be careful, though, as hitting them will cause them to explode. Attacking him with pretty much any basic sword attack will cause him to retaliate with the exact same attack. If you do it right, then the Bomb Flower should strike the Beamos on the head and cause the whole apparatus to explode. Take the Token, then enter Dodongo’s Cavern.

Don’t get sloppy. ——————————- Dodongo’s Cavern – Antechamber If you still haven’t equipped your Hylian Shield, then do so now. Go through it. ——————————- Dodongo’s Cavern – Antechamber New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map You are now inside the “window” you passed earlier in the Antechamber, the large room with the giant Dodongo’s head. Run to the other end of the room. Run to the end of the passage, and kill the pair of Dodongos in the long room by running around behind them and attacking their tail. If you like, use the Lens to look behind the chest, and you’ll find another, invisible chest which contains a huge rupee.

Behind it is a door to a room which contains a lousy Business Scrub who sells Deku Sticks for fifteen rupees a pop. When you land, look on the steel bars in the corner of the room to see a Gold Skulltula. Go through it, and look on the ceiling above to see the Gold Skulltula. As for the weapons, the True Master Sword and Hylian Shield are Link’s ultimate items in the game and using them as props for the cosplay brings out the ultimate look of the character. Look to the left to see a Gold Skulltula. The Gold Skulltula will emerge from the patch. This will unlock the door.