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Halloween kitchen decoration closeup 2 - free stock photo If you don’t have the Biggoron’s Sword, then a Jump Attack with the Megaton Hammer will do. Zelda manages to give you the Light Arrows (the only weapon, apart from the Master Sword, which can truly hurt him) just before she is captured. You can open the other chests in the room if you like, but all they contain is junk and traps. From the second level, you can throw bombs into the giant pot. Once you have the Big Bomb Bag, drop down to the second level of Goron City (the level directly below the floor with the Rolling Biggoron). You now have 20 Skulltula Tokens, enough for the second reward from the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. Change it to nighttime if you need to, then head for the east side of the forest to the Kokiri Twin’s house.

Found: On top of tower in center of town Time Period: Young Link ONLY Time of Day: Nighttime ONLY Requires: Fairy Slingshot OR Boomerang Look high on the ladder leading up to the top of the tower, and you’ll see the Gold Skulltula. Dodongo’s Cavern – Pillar Room Kill the Fire Keese, then pull aside the Armos Statue blocking the ladder on the south side of the room. If you do accidentally brush against the Armos Knight, use your Bombs to defeat him. To open it, you have to coax one of the Armos Knights surrounding the switch into stepping on it, and staying on it long enough for you to go through the door before it seals itself again. Blow it open if you like, but don’t open the chest inside unless you need rupees – it contains a 50 rupee piece.

I know you’re probably itching to use the Serenade of Water to go straight to Lake Hylia, but if you’re willing to take the long way then we’ll get a Piece of Heart on the way. If it stops on the side with the happy face, then you will get a Piece of Heart. Drop down. ———–B-O-S-S————- Infernal Dinosaur KING DODONGO New Upgrade: Heart Container x1 New Quest Item: Goron’s Ruby King Dodongo is a very easy boss (arguably easier then Gohma, but it’s a difficult argument). Bokoblin Mask: Complete the A Rumor about Skull Lake quest. 2: The Skull Mask Sold To: The Lone Skullkid in southwest Lost Woods. Jump over the first gap in the catwalk, so that you are standing in between the two gaps. Run to the far wall, and jump up and over the small ledge. Use a Bomb to blast open the wall, then use the Slingshot to kill the Gold Skulltula on the inside.

Drop a bomb onto this gash, and the explosion will reveal a massive pit. If you successfully land a bomb inside the pot, then it will begin to spin rapidly, finally coming to a stop. Using your new bombs, drop bombs through the gaps in the catwalk so that they land in the giant Dodongo’s skulls eye sockets (press the C-Button assigned to Bombs twice to drop bombs). After the jump from the third guillotine, you will land on a small platform where you will have to combat a Stalfos.