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Climb this ladder quickly to avoid the regenerating pillar of flames, and go through the door at the top. Climb up onto the ledge across from the door, and step on the switch to make a pillar of flames surrounding a chest near the top of the room disappear. The Spirit Temple – Entrance Go through the locked door on the north side of the room, to your left as you come out of the Triforce/Compass Room.

Use the Block of Time to return to the second level of the room, and go back out the door that you came through. The entire Training Ground loops around, connecting back to this room. The Fire Temple – Boss Key Prison Room New Dungeon Item: Boss Key Use the Megaton Hammer to smash the rusted switch, opening the double-sided cell. Jump across to the opposite ledge, and smash the rusty switch with the Megaton Hammer to open the cell below. Smash his head with the Megaton Hammer (use a Jump Attack with the Megaton Hammer for best results), and it will briefly stun Volvagia. Head across the drawbridge here. Your old friends the Stingers from Jabu-Jabu’s Belly reappear here.

The Fire Temple – Lower Flare Dancer Room -M-I-N-I–B-O-S-S- Flare Dancer Defeat another Flare Dancer here. Before completing this chapter, also consider completing: Happy Mask Trading Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-One) Obtaining Epona (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Two) Biggoron Sword Sidequest (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Three) Big Poe Hunting (Subchapter Zero-Three-Four-Five) ———————- Death Mountain Crater There’s still one last thing in Death Mountain Crater to be found before we leave here forever. Death Mountain will also be healed from it’s curse. The Block will block a door in the corner, but that’s okay. Jump out to the block, stand on top of it and smash the block with the Megaton Hammer.

Smash it with the Megaton Hammer from the left or right until both pieces are gone to reveal a door. This would be a problem, except for the fact that both of the walls are made of wood. On the other side of the drawbridge, there are two rocks which can be seen covering the entrance to a doorway, which is only partially visible. She has a ponytail with a small gold comb at the base, along with two red bat-ear like additions flaring from the comb. Giant’s Knife First Found: Goron City Used By: Adult Link Purchased for two hundred rupees from the Biggoron stashed away in the back of Goron City, the Giant’s Knife is poorly crafted and will break when used. The Fire Temple – Entrance Hall Go back up the stairs and through the west door.