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Climb Death Mountain in less then four minutes. Climb up the wire wall on the left as you land on the next ledge, and move to the edge of the cliff so that you can see the Diamond Switch below (you may have to drop to a lower tier). Go to the right onto the next elevator, and jump out to the lower ledge (do not ride the elevator up). To save time getting out of the dungeon, use Farore’s Wind here so you can warp out quickly.

It was taken as a health project with camera without any edits. It meant to show how smoking van kill people and has bad effects on lungs. on the other hand how eating healthy food can be beneficial for body. Take it’s token, then return to the start of the dungeon by walking or using Farore’s Wind. He’ll then start crying again. At the start of the fight, Phantom Ganon will be mounted on a flying horse, and will retreat into one of the paintings that encircle the room. Kill the Gold Skulltula and take it’s token, then plant one of your two remaining Magic Beans in the patch. Also, if you skipped the 40 Skulltula reward, get it now. Open it to get the Compass. Get the reward for Fifty Skulltulas, which is a Piece of Heart. After he dies, take the Heart Container that appears and enter the beam of light. You’ll know which one it is, since it will have a narrow beam of light surrounding it (you can also Z-Target it).

Z-Target the tentacles attached to the ceiling, and begin circling the boss. Kakariko Village You should have broken the fifty mark on Gold Skulltulas while you were in the Forest Temple, so you should now go to the House of Skulltula. You’re now done gathering Skulltula rewards for a while. If you do this while he is passing through the tunnel in the northern part of the third floor, then he will give you the Bomb Bag x30 as a reward for your daring. Cow If you’ve awoken Talon as part of the Biggoron Sword Trading Sequence, then he will have returned to the Ranch, and Malon will now let you participate in a time trial run around the course on Epona. Complete the course and beat Malon’s best time, and Malon will reward you with your own personal Cow back at Link’s House in Kokiri Forest. Once on the ledge, head back towards the southern edge of the room and go through the darkened tunnel on the left at the south edge of the ledge.

The Bottom of the Well – The Cess Pool New Dungeon Item: Dungeon Map Run south from where you land, and use the Bomb Flowers to blow the rocks blocking your path to pieces. Take it’s token. Run into the large cavern, and two Lizalfos will appear. Take it’s token with the Hookshot/Longshot. Smash into them. One of them contains the Gold Skulltula. This room contains a pillar of water (similar to the pillars of flame from the Fire Temple). This song will warp you straight to the Temple of Time, much in the same way that the Minuet of Forest takes you straight to the Forest Temple.