zelda triforce heroes costumes

Go to the alcove in the west wall and grab another Silver Rupee, then go to the alcove in the northeast corner and grab another Silver Rupee. Walk slowly off the cliff to grab hold of the rock face, and climb down a short distance to an alcove halfway down the cliff face. I used two hair clips to hold the cap on my head when I wore this costume. Dodge the Beamos, and head to the right side of the room.

Anime Expo 2015: Zant and Midna - Jason E. (Eras Photography) - Flickr The door in the rear of the room will now unseal itself. New Quest Item: Gold Skulltula Token x1 Smash all of the pots in this room with your sword, then destroy the crates in the rear of the room by rolling into them. Time Period: Young Link OR Adult Link Requires: Fairy Ocarina OR Ocarina of Time; Sun’s Song Pull aside the Gravestones in the rear of Kakariko Graveyard. 1 First Found: Inside the Deku Tree Used By: Young Link Found along with the Fairy Slingshot, this ammunition pouch holds 30 Deku Seeds (the Slingshot’s preferred ammunition). 2 First Found: Goron City Used By: Young Link, Adult Link The first available Bomb Bag upgrade is in Goron City. Hyrule Castle – Shooting Gallery (daytime) New Equipment: Bullet Bag x40 Speak with the rather large and hairy clerk, and agree to play the game.

Bullet Bag in hand, return to the Market. 2 belt bags on waist belt: one small bag and one big bag. He gives Link the Kokiri Emerald, and makes one final wish: to seek out the other Spiritual Stones and prevent the “Evil Man from the Desert” (Ganondorf) from entering the Sacred Realm. It’s also safer. When you get near the whirlpools, strategically switch back and forth between the Kokiri and Iron Boots to avoid getting sucked in. Get off Epona and enter the Village, then go to Death Mountain Trail in the north of the Village. Malon will thank you for waking up her father, then introduce you to the pony Epona.

Hyrule Castle – Market (daytime) Leave the market through the passage directly behind Malon. Hyrule Castle – Drawbridge (daytime) Once you gain access to Hyrule Castle, immediately enter the gatehouse to your left as you enter. Turn around, head back down the hill and take the second left. Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly – Crawling Hallway Run straight down the hallway to it’s opposite end. Drop down the new hole to the lowest level. Watch out – they blow up just like the Baby Dodongos. Striking the first two will only stun them; the last one, however, will run around the room just like the previous Deku Scrubs you’ve fought. After the three Deku Scrubs have disappeared, the door will unlock. Swim north to the shore, where three Deku Scrubs will attack you. Inside Ganon’s Castle – Forest Seal Room Three This room contains a green sphere; this is the Forest Seal.